Hi! This is my milkshakes website! Before I leak my colouring and more please give credits!

This well help you a lot!

Hi!! Welcome to my milkshake website! This will show you themes, colouring, schedules and more!

I really hope this helps you!

Anyways I won’t waste any more time of yours!

Just take a look, maybe you will like it! <3

Ok so here is a pinkish colouring tut from cl4ssycharli!

First open up an app called 24pfps!
Import a code called sun kissed!
Save it!

Next go to an app called ultralight!
Set your saturation to red 3+ and yellow 10-
luminosity: red 10+ and yellow 10-

Now go to an app called PREQUEL.
Go to adjust on the right side and set it to this..
Exposure: 25+
Contrast: -50
Highlights -100
Shadows: 30+
Glow: 25+
Blur: (optional)
Now go to effects..
dust 100% and filter 60%
Go to filters and put on Boston 1# filter 45-50%

Now this is optional but go to colourtone and put on alvalon 50%

Ok I’m going to give you some fonts for vont!

Remember the app is called vont and you can get fonts from https://www.dafont.com !

So here you go!
•KG red hands
• pink chicken regular
•lemon milk regular
•letters for learners
•keep on truckin
•cream DEMO

There you go!!

Ok! So let me show you my schedule!

I try to post every day! I have been losing a LOT of followers recently though. :c so I’m trying to post more! I am a multi but Ari (Ariana grande) is my main idol 1000000000%, but charli and addi are also my idols but obvi ari is my main. The reason I look up to charli and addi is because they are dancers and I am too! They are also really inspirational! They are so positive as well! So I look up to them! And I look up to Ari because she is an AMAZINGGGG singer and so positive! She is SO SO SO SO SO sweet to her fans! She stands up for the right as well! I think that’s amazing! I genuinely just love her! I have been a fan of her for a LONG TIME!! I do get lots of people saying I’m not a fan of her or oh she’s a bigger fan than you. I ignore it because I know in myself I love ari sm! But as a multi I try to post Ari a tiny bit more! So for example every day I might post 1 or 2 videos and I really just look at my page and think “ ok so I haven’t posted addi in a while” so I would post addi and so on with Ari and Charli too. People ask me how I deal with haters. Like I said I ignore it and think, are they really that important to me that it should affect my emotions! No! So don’t let them hate you either! <333

Here are some colour codes for vont!

# F7A593
# F2C6BF
# CE9999
# A58E82

Here are some question ideas if you need them for videos!

How many likes does the video above me have?
What’s your favourite place to shop
Block your 4@ or copy link
Are you in the same fandom as your 2@?
Do you have enough followers to go live?
You have 9999 followers! Oh no you lost them all or copy link to get 1000!
-has ur name ever been in a song?
-what app do u use the most?
- when was the last time u cried?
- when does it school start? I

all done!

Ok! That’s it for now! Maybe soon I will add more to this website! Idk! Let me know in one of my videos! I hope this helped you! Feel free to use give credits to the people from the colouring and everything else is mine so give credits for that please! Thank you so much for the support! BYEEE!! <3333