hey guys!! shoutout to my bestay: @voniis.cgd ! have a great day! <3

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this website includes: fonts, my coloring tut, questions for fps, and apps i use to edit! enjoy xx!

fonts! (my fav ones)

kind heart!
shoreline script bold!
pink chicken regular!
pumpkin cheesecake!
letters for learners!
heart warming!
cute notes!

coloring tut!

first: ultralight! put clarify all the way up and and sharpen all the way down!

second: prequel! go to adjust and put exposure to 30+, contrast to 10+, highlights to 35+, shadows to 100+, sharpen to 25+, glow to 19+, allberration to 75+, blur 50+, and finally add the filter teal and effect to weather!

third: colourtone! add filter avalon or coogee!

question ideas!

• are you scared of horror movies?
• pick any number 1-100 and once you picked it find your twin in the comments!
• dont be shy, tag my last follower!
• hello from an iphone ___, your turn!
•have you ever had thoughts of quitting?
• do you consider charli damelio as an influencer or celeb?
• copy-link if you have ever been in more than 3 countries!
• who inspired you to create your fp?
• tag your fanpage idol and say “this you?” to scare them!
• if your drafts went public, would i be able to see your face?
• if my coloring had a smell, what would it be?
• if my account had a smell, what would it be?
• do you remember your dream from last night?
• is your room aesthetic?
• if you could go back to any year, what year would it be?
• do you respect addi after what she did?
• whats your favorite childhood show?
• what hurts more than a breakup?
• how many vids do you try to post a day?
• theres 12 zodiac signs, one needs to leave. which one would you pick to be removed?
• are you good at riding your bike?
• what age did you learn how to tie your shoes?
• are you a dog or cat person?
• has your idol ever made a song?
• how many wifi bars do you have rn?
• if you are laying on your couch or bed you have to copy-link!
• are you cold or hot rn?
• the last digit of your battery percentage is how many times you have to copy-link!
• do you consider me a famous fanpage?
• would you freak out if i followed you?
• whats your style?
• whats an app you have but never use?
• does your idol have a makeup line?
• who is someone you regret supporting?
• tell your 3rd @ “hey shawty” or copy-link!
• who owns your camera roll?
• comment a netflix show before its taken!
• tag a fanpage with your favorite coloring!

apps i use/used to use to edit!

colourtone! (for coloring)
prequel! (for coloring)
vont! (for font)
24FPS! (for coloring)
video star! (for photo edits)