Welcome to my account!

This is the official website from @..cocoxrae , on tik tok.

I welcome you to my account , and website.

On this website you will find fonts I use , colorings and much more.

Thank you for being here! <3

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Welcome to my page:

Welcome to my tik tok page and website. Feel free to explore around or ask me questions! I' ll try my best to answer them as soon as possible! And if you ever need tips , feel free to ask me in one of my videos or in my dms! My Dms do work so far , but if I don' t answer you , then my dms don' t work. You could still ask me in one of my videos , I would recommand one my recent videos , or you could just swipe to some other pages because I also wrote some tipps there!

Have a lovely day !

What this website contains:

• Get to know my account
• Thank you - card
• my coloring ( plus credits to who made it)
• my fonts
• color codes
• How to import color codes ( on vont and phonto )
• Tips
• Question Ideas
• How to have a good quality in your videos
• How to make your own milkshake website!
•A goodbye card!

That' s it thank you for reading!


Get to know my account!

I welcome you to my tik tok account and website! Thank you for clicking on my website , I appreciate it much. However , If you are not interessted in getting to know my account , feel free to swipe to the next page.

Anyways , let' s start!

So I created my account on the 21st of August in 2020. The reason why I started my account , was because I started to like addison she was an inspiration to me! However other fanpages inspired me. So I started my own. I worked hard for my account and started to gain followers and actives day to day. I was and still am thankful for theese people that helped me get this far! I never tought I could reach it this far , but my supporters made it possible. I was and still am so so happy. And on the 11st of January my best friend @..cocoxcharl had made her own page , because I inspired her! I helped her to do her beginning and she was so happy! We also got matching users! Moving forward , after a time I also got my first fanpage! I could not belive it! I was and still am so happy and grateful for that! But now , me and @..cocoxcharl are matching our accounts! We did match usernames from the start , but now we' re matching bio , coloring and so on. And that' s actually all. If you are still here , I linked @..cocoxcharl' s tik tok page below this text! So you might aswell check her page , if you want to!

Have a lovely day ,
In love , @..cocoxrae

Click here to see @..cocoxcharl' s tik tok account!

My fonts

( all on dafont )

How to download fonts and how to use them are below!


• better togheter
• ahoyaha
• alagambe
• betterfly
• catlove
• cindy love
• day love
• homework
•  in love
• kl cupid
• love match
• lovley font
• muthiara
• mrylissa
• pretty meow
• sarmilla
• summer coast
• cream DEMO
• boba
• dino milk
• habede italic
• cold coffee
• little pinky
• love story
• school work
•  marola
• lamina
• children sans
• blacklisted
• baby doll
• miss kindy
• winkle

Fonts on dafont!

How to download fonts?

Go on google or safari and type " dafont.com " and a page should open. Or you could also click the link down below ( gets you to dafont ). Then click on " search font " on the top right corner and search your font. Once you found it click on a button that says " download ". Then click on the download and click on " open with vont " or click on " open with phonto " and then download it for phonto or vont and there you go!

How to import color codes!

Open vont or phonto. Write something random and click on " style ". Then make sure you are on the " color " button below.

Above it , you should see that button I have circled in white. Click on it.

Once you clicked on it , it should look like that. Click on the cricled button and write the color code in.

The button I circled , should be your color.

To save the color , and be able to use it again , click on the button that i cricled in.


Tips for you!

Here are tips how to get actives, followers and more! I hope they will help you :)

Tip #1 - Hashtags

Use trending Hashtags , like: #viral #zxybca #cxzlt #fy #fyp # fanpage #idol #trending #fp #ily #ilysm also I would recommand you to make your own hashtag about ur username , because it might go viral!

Tip #2 - posts

Post about 1-4 times a day! People like that! But I would recommand to not post every 10 minutes, cause people may be anoyed by that! And if you will not be active for about a week or some, tell them, so they know! I also would recommand to make your videos around 6-15 seconds, so while they read the question and answer, the vide will play about 2x times! Than it will have a higher Chance of being on the fyp, because tik tok thinks you enjoyed the video, and it will be shown to more people!

Tip #3 - gain trains

Don' t do gain trains. They will give you lots of followers, but no actives!

Tip #4 - liking your videos

Dont like your own videos because it will give you a shadowban! Dont spam either! Tik tok will think your a robot and youll get shadowbanned!

Tip #5 - questions

I would recommand to not ask boring questions like "whats your favourite color". Ask intresting questions! ( question ideas on the next page )

Tip #6 - sounds

I recommand using trending sounds, because then you will have a higher chance to be on the fyp! You might aswell use sounds thag have lots of videos with it! Also, I recommand to not use sounds that have swear-words. Some people don' t like that. And you could also make own sounds! It could go viral!

Tip #7 - Themes

I recommand to do small or medium theme. Big themes are really beautiful but people will not read your question cause there is to much to see! Also use colors in your theme that match with your coloring, if you have an aesthetic coloring than don’t use like beige or some!

Tip #8 - other fanpages

Dont be rude to other fanpages! They will be sad and your followers will find out!

Tip #9 - Followers

Be nice to your followers! And if your followers have questions, answer them! They will like that and be thankful!

Tip #10 - credits

Always give credits! Its very rude to steal things. And your followers will find that out!

Tip #11 - shadowbann

If youre shadowbanned, make sure you didnt like your own videos. Liking your own videos gives you a shadowban. And if your shadowbanned, dont fake things just to get likes! Post a lot and be active! That will help, just wait and have patience!

Tip #12 - using videos

If you ever use someones video as a background video, give credits!

Tip #13 - quality

Try to have a good quality in your videos! It will look good and people will like it better. ( how to have a good quality in the page after the question ideas!)

Tip #14 - username

I would not recommand changing your username often , because people might think: " Hey why did I follow that person? " and they will unfollow you.
( also let your viewers know whenever you change ur username)

Question ideas!

Before I start , make sure you give credits if you use one of the questions.

1. There are 100 seats in a plane , the last digit of your likes in your recent video is your seat!
IB: me

2. If your idol didn' t exist. Who would be your idol?
IB: jennahelpsfp

3. What apps do u use for editing?
IB: jennahelpsfp

4. oh no , u forgot your homework! Fast , what is your excuse?
IB: lovinqcolie

5. If you had to watch only one movie \ series for the rest of your life , wich one would you choose?
IB: me

6. If you could play in a movie or series , wich movie or series would it be , and as wich character would you play?
IB: me

7. I dont care how borinf life gets , I' m never watching ___?
IB: not sure

8. What is the worst color combination in your opinion and why?
IB: me

9. Do you think I will ever do a facereveal?
IB: me

10. If you could change the fandom name your in , to what would you change it?
IB: me

11. If the sky color would be your eyecolor , what color would it be?
IB: me

12. If clous were cotton candy , wich cotton candy flavour should they have?
IB: me

13. If you could rename yourself , would you? And if yes to what would you name yourself?
IB: me

14. If your life would be a book , what would you name it and why?

15. Have you ever token a screenshot of a chat and said " it was on accident "?
IB: me

Again , give credit if you use any of theese questions.

Want your own milkshake website?

Keep reading to know!

So if you want to have an own milkshake website , there are two options!

Option #1: Swipe to the last page of this website. You should see a page that says : Make your own Milkshake.
Click on the plus and voila! You can make your own milkshake website!

Option #2: You can download Milkshake. And then you can make your own pages!

( to download milkshake check below this text )

Good-bye card!

Hello! If you are still here and have read all of theese pages , I want to say thanks so so much for doing that. I hope I could have helped you , If not , feel free to ask me more questions in my videos! Thank you so so much for still reading it means a lot to me and I really appreciate it!

Have a lovely day ,
In love @..cocoxrae