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And I felt the best I could ever feel! 😭

I got 4 fanpages!! I was so happy I reached 4000 and I saw jojoschars on my fyp! She had 80k!!! I was so happy so I clicked followed!!! And then I saw addscollage she was on my fyp so I followed I looked at her account and saw the hurtful comments I felt so bad for her I never got hate comments so bad so I didn’t know what to do .. she got her dream Ibfs!!! I made a video and I look JOJOCHARS COMMENTED!!! I was shaking and so happy... I live my amazing life with 5.3k followers and happy as heck. Thankyou! For hearing my story - ..cofeechxr


I was so proud of myself I hit 1000 followers then 2000!! I found all these awesome followers right in front of me! 😭 at the point I would start to think people really cared for me?! I was so happy but in the dunkins I didn’t really feel like I was good so I switched to an acorn then to sunrae and I switched back to a dunkin and I stayed cause I knew charli made me happy!!! 🥺
I reached 3000!!! And then I got followed by a fanpage with 20k I started shaking and I was so happy!!! I texted her in dms and I explained how happy I was and it was like she was sitting right in the room with me..🤍

About me!

Hi there! My name is Alivia you also may know me as ..cofeechxr!! I decided to join the dunkins cause at the moment all the edits looked so cute and cool! When I joined I only had like 300 followers and I was always so hard on my self and I just wanted to give up! But when I started to achieve goals! I didn’t wanna quit yet...

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