My coloring!

How I do my coloring(by me)

Ultralight(IOS only)
24FPS(IOS only)

Go in 24FPS and import the filter “grey moody” by taking a ss of the filter above☝︎︎
(More explanation on the next page)

Now go in to ultralight and press “edit” at the bottom and then press the triangle thing and put clarity to -7 and sharpen to 10+ now press the ring/chain thing at the bottom and then make sure you are on “saturation” at the top after your on saturation put the color red to 4+ or 3+(it makes the cheeks red and stand out.
{if you use this coloring pls give credits to me}


How to import the 24FPS QR code

How to import the QR code.
Download the app 24FPS then it will ask for some things that’s need your permission make sure to allow ALL of those things. Then you’ll see a “import” button at the top left hand side click on it then select ur video(s) after you do press “use” then you’ll see your vid(s) then on the left side of your screen you’ll see three circles over lapping in the primary colors click on that then at the top right hand side corner you’ll see a “+” click on it then press the second button from the cancel button if your confused just click on every button until you find the one that shows your camera roll after you press that button click QR code in your camera roll then you’ll see the filter “grey moody” then press close at the top hand left side the press save at share at the bottom and then press save as a video that’s how you import the QR code.


How to use ultralight

Download ultralight open it up and at the bottom you’ll see “library” you should be selected on it then select the video with 24FPS filter then press “edit” at the very bottom then click the triangle button at the bottom then you’ll see 4 bars that you can adjust and names next to them but we are only going to use the first 2 only(clarity n sharpen) now put clarity to -7 by dragging it to the left and when you do you will see how much you dragged now for sharpen put 10+(just drag it all the way to the right) now at the bottom there should be some thing looking like a chain/two rings thing click on that then at the top(not at the very top top top{bellows the vid top) make sure you selected “saturation” once you’ve selected it put the color red to 4+ or 3+ to make the cheeks pop if yk yk what I mean.
And that’s how you use the ultralight part.