.charsbalter leaked

so i decided to make a milkshake website and not a leaked account <3

i am .charlsbalter, a charli fanpage

External link

about me <3

my name is maali , i started being a fanpage of charli 11-5-20, I’ve followed charli since December 2019, and loved her ever since. It look me some while to decide i wanted to be a fanpage of her but I’ve been very happy with my decision ever since, she hasn’t noticed me lol but that’s okay, and next will be my coloring tutorial!

about me!!

about .charlsbalter

hi I’m .charlsbalter, my name is maali . so this is for my 2,000 special! also ty so much for 2,000! So some stuff about me is I’ve been a fanpage ever since 11-5-20, but in late 2019 i followed charli and loved her ever since <3 it took me a while to decide if i wanted to be a fanpage or not but at the end of the day imma very happy with my decision!

the fonts i use

fonts <3

for my fonts, the app is use is Vont !!
you can download the fonts at dafont.com
- i love glitter
- pink chicken regular
- KG corner of the sky
- messy smiling cactus regular
- Paris icons
- garlic salt extra
- there is one font left, but idk the font I’m so sorry!!

this is the link to download the fonts

there is a tutorial i think if you scroll down on how to download it, but if there isn’t just tell me and i can tag you in a tut:)

tips !

tips to grow you’re account :)

lots of people try to grow there account in the first few days. honestly i think it’s about supporting you’re idol, stan ect, but having some followers could be nice too so here are some tips
1. tip one: do follow for follow!! join growing lives
2. try to be very active and post 1-3 times a day, so tiktok can put you on the fyp.
3. Be nice and try not to get into drama !!
4. use trendy hashtags like: #fyp #viral #trending
5.dont forgot to always give credits, credits for coloring, theme, and video ideas
6. Also if you’re an edit fanpage you have to give credits to the person who started the trend and if you are re-making the edit too
7.last tip!! try to ignore hate!! you will always get hate for the littlest thing you do so try to ignore it and move on with you’re day!!

about me :)

hii thank you for clicking on my website :), i started being a fanpage on 11-5-20, my name is maali , it’s kinda like molly but spelled different, i don’t really have a nickname but if you have any ideas i would love to hear them :), next will be my coloring tutorial!!