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Hi! This is .chqrsbabe_ Website and here i'm going to be talking about any update or news that is gonna be on my TikTok page!
You can follow my other acc aswell - thesingle_pringle.

Make sure to check the link oftenly for new stuff and maybe some of my storys, updates and changes! Ly bubs, stay safe and take care! -ur luv 💖

My page will be updated!

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Hi bubs!! I have trought abt it and i decided to stan another person in my acc! Im never leaving Char so i'm gonna post with 2 people! Guess who...Char and Dixxxx!! I have looked on tt a lot and i feel like my page haven't been updated in a while, so i said that why not brighten it a little with some love of 2 amazing Sisters! I know i said i'm taking a break..i mean, kind of. My life is verry busy now and i post when i am free, now school started again (still online) and i have a bunch of projects.
I wanna thank you all so damn much for all this love, support and care, you guys are my other family and i can't loose you guys. And this is why i try to always explain ans tell you guys so you can understand that its not easy. I never realised that i have got this far, its like a dream. I saw that i have so many supporters and fans that would fight the haters any time i would say so, and i cant thank you enough for this. I love you guys so much and everything i do is for my fandom and for yall, have a great night, day or anything it is in ur country and ily, take care and stay safe ❤️💞💜💖