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Ok guys so this is my blog and today we will be talking
About igwaffle or as she claims to be (dila). Igwaffle joined tiktok claiming to be addscollage after addscollage got banned. People beloved her and she got a huge following. She also had many accounts before one was cgwaffle. Now igwaffle claims to be dila but there is proof that she is not….. Igwaffles “name” is brooklyn apparently. And the “real dila” is easterlingsaer. Since I was confused on this all I decided to do a little bit of investigating… on many different accounts there are people showing proof of comments from igwaffle stating that she made the account for fame? And when I went on her live cgwaffles face reveal was a whole different person from what she showed her face to be! Earlotoday ig waffle has gotten banned!!! Do you trying she’ll make another account do you even think that is the real dila?

More drama to igwaffle

Ok guys so this is more drama to igwaffle! So apparently brooklyn told one of her friends on Instagram that her dad is apart of tiktok and if she gets banned she can get unbanned?!?!? And when she wasn’t banned I went on a secret acc and confronted her and said your name is brooklyn and on her friends account! But the thing is she doesn’t respond to a lot of hate comments plus I only had 20 followers and she replied to all of them saying that’s her sisters name!!!
And more tea is that she showed one her friends a fake birth certificate off google and used Instagram to edit the text?!?!?!? Let me know what you guys think about all this drama