a lil colouring tutorial

24FPS: go onto the app 24fps and scan the qr code, the filter is called sunkissed

Ultralight: go into the colour on ultralight and up red 4+

Exposure: -50
Contract: -25
Highlights: -25
Shadows: -25
sharpen: 25
Glow: 25
Blur: 25

🥥Font pack🥥

All the fonts I use <3

The app you get these fonts on is called: vont!!

To get them go onto safari and type da.font in the website there’s a search button and press on that, then just type the names of the fonts🤍🤍🤍🤍

good mood, jolly, mountain script, hug me tight, pink chicken regular and just explore the app for more

what I do for my colouring!

you’ll need: 24FPS, ultralight and preQUAL

Firstly, get your video that you would like to edit and go to 24FPS. There should be a option at the top which says “import.” Press that and then press on the video. Down the bottom, there is a selection that has three colours press on it and then import the code which is on the picture at the bottom or top of this milkshake! Now you should have a filter called sunkissed! Do that and save!

Now on ultralight, go to the thing where it has colours in a line. But all the colours down except red and orange. With red and orange, put red to +5 and orange to +3 if it looks to red or orange you can adjust it to what’s best for you. Now save

On preQUAL , put dust effect 100 and filter down! Then filter Stockholm which is pretty much at the end.🤍💅🏼

colouring tut