My colouring tut

I’m going to tell you how to do my colouring

•Prequel• (teal colouring)
-shadows 100%
-haze 25%
-glow 5%
-aberration 50%
-blur 20%
-filter teal
-whether effect flitter 0%

-clarity 10+
-sharpen 10-
-Overlay (optional)

-Filter Coogee for more teal and brightness.

or (optional you choose what one you want)

-filter Avalon for less brightness and kinda like cafe

That’s my colouring Keep scrolling to know more like fonts and etc. 😊🤍

Here are the fonts I use!!

Hey guys/gals agin for reading more of my stuff! :)

The font website is //
On google chrome doesn’t work in safari :(

-Garlic salt
-blacklisted (for wm)
-internet friends
-space kids
-hug me tight
-grunge strokes
-kg corner of the sky
-Lemon milk
-shoreline script bold (on top of heading)
-dashing unicorns
-kind heart
-Harry p (for wm)
-bebas (for heading)
-hanging letters

Apps I use to edit my videos

.dardiarys tips/help swipe right for more info

Here the app (I have a Apple phone)

-video star
-Funimate (I don’t use it that much though)
-pics art

Look for 1-4 ibsf as well (not dropping any of my other ibsf ether) info on the next page!!

Here are some things to know about me

I’m 12
I’m a sagittarius
My birthday is November the 23 :)
I’m love takis and hot cheetos,cheese rolls i live in newzealand
I Stan daryna,Charli,addison and etc
blm,mlm etc
I’m Maori,Spanish and Australian
I’m straight but support
I live in Hastings nz
I don’t like Scorpios I have probables with them :) (please don’t hate)
I have brown hair and hazel green eyes
I drink monsters Sometimes
I’m a year 7
I have a BFF named Kyla :) ik her irl I’m 6 older than her
My dad lives in Aussie my mum lives in nz I live with my mum (please don’t hate)
I don’t self harm !
Any questions ask in my q&a in my bio

Here’s on how to be my ibsf :)

Any gender 😊

About it
Have to have over 200 or 300 so don’t use me!
Has to have snap or Insta or messages to talk
Have to live in Perth au,hawks bay or Auckland nz so we can meet
Has to be over 10
Supports daryna
Not a Scorpio
Any lgbtq+ or straight id mind
Any gender
Has to have HUMOUR
Calls each other roach,rat etc
My humour is 😂😼🥸😒🤚🏼💀😌🙄👹😽👀🤍🦶🤢😃😩🥱 (ikr its great)
My humour words is lmao-,etc
Bio for bio / sfs
Daddy issues (optional so we understand each other)
Spill tea
Help each other with our fp
Show face so ik your not a old man 💀🤚🏼
Be nice and not drop me out of the blue -
That all lmao just ask in my Q & A bio :)

Kawii / cafe colouring

Apple apps only

~24 FPS~
-filter sunkissed QR code in one of my vids

-clarity 10+
-sharpen 10-
-noise 10-

-blur 100+