Coloring <3 —

This is how I do my coloring! <3

I’m very excited to share this coloring with you guys! I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy! <3

For my cafe coloring, I use the QR code below. Now you may ask where do I import the QR code? Well, you have to import it into 24FPS! Now follow these important steps! First go to prequel and press adjust! Now bring your exposure down to -50. After this, you have to bring contrast down to -15. Then, make sure your highlights are at -35. Now, you bring shadows to -60. Almost done! Stay with me here! And now, we do saturation +16. And blur is whatever you want! ( I do +25! ) That’s it! Please enjoy and give credits to @charlswa on TikTok! Love y’all!

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I love you! <3

If you didn’t know, I love you! <3

Please don’t give up for me because I am here for you. I don’t want you to leave me and you are all that I need and ever wanted. You make someone feel safe out in this huge world and that someone loves you and will always take care and worry about you in bad times. I will always be here if you need anything so please don’t give up until you talk to me, a person, who loves you. <3