colouring, fonts, question ideas, tips

.ladydameliio <33

colouring! <3
first get the app 24fps and use the fall filter
now go on to prequel and :
contrast - 20
highlights 15
shadows 50
saturation 10
vibrance 6
temp 10
aberration 11
blur 20
then go onto ultralight click edit and click to two circles then put red to 2+
save video and your done!

get the fonts on (google,safari,crome, etc)

here are the fonts i use, only on vont.

the question
- CoolVeticaRg
- kg red hands
- letters for learners
- Louis george cafe
< shorelines script bold
< mermaid bold
< rainy hearts
< kind heart
• kinan
• garlic salt (symbols like circles, squares)
• hipster icons
• social media circled
• uimockup

a whole bunch of questions for videos!

(emojis next)

- what is your shoe size?
- which year would you rather teleport to? 1950’s or 3000?
- how many siblings do you have?
- if your mom only had 1 kid would you be alive?
- how old will you be in 5 years
- write your birthday in the comments and find your birthday twin!
- have you had your golden birthday yet?
- are you a cat or dog person?
- of you could put 3 girls in the room who would they be? (you could do it opposite for guys)
- lemonade or juice?
- comfy clothes or tight clothes?
- if you won 5 million dollars in the lottery how would you spend it?
- who was your first idol?
- when did you start your fanpage?
- if you had to change your name what would you make it?


emojis to use when you are making question videos depending on your style.

if you style is indie use : 💿💜☀️🪐🌿🐸🌈
if your style is emo use : 🖤🥀🕷🕸🖕
if your style is softie use : 💕🧸🩰🧴🌷👛
if you are cottagecore use : 🤎🌞🍄🪴🐸
lastly, for aesthetic use : 🤍🩹✈️🥥🌫🌸