welcome to my website !

/// ∞ • created by brooklynn, aka multisurfers

hello everyone ! this is my helpsite for fonts i use, colouring tut and much more ! <3 but first, please scroll down to clear stuff up !

➳ credits for —
colouring creds : PLEASE give credits !
theme creds : yes PLEASE. give credits.
captions creds : it’s up to u !
bio creds : no thanks <3
theme layout creds : it doesn’t matter !
pfp creds : if my pfp has a wm on it, i would prefer you not use it ! if it does not have a wm, it’s free to use ! :)

➳ addressing self-promos —
it has come to my attention that many ppl are doing / spamming self-promos on my page. the thing is, i do not allow self-promos. not anymore. if u cmmt sp on my vids, i will delete ur comment ( s ). if u spam sp ( replying to every single cmmt for actives or sps / commenting it on every single of my videos ) i will immediately block. please do not take this as a wrong way. this is my decision to allow sps or not. thank u.

➳ addressing more stuff —
please stop asking if u can join my account. i do not allow anyone except for my ibfs that i truly trust into my account. i’m the only owner and will always be the one and only owner of multisurfers

➳ my only accs —
i just want to list all my accs i actually do own if anyone is impersonating me !
my only accs :
- my main acc ( not revealing the username )
- .multisurfers
just so u know, i don’t own any backup accs, so if u see for example, @.multisurfersbackup, that is NOT me at all ! remember that ! <3