For all that you are, we decided to give you this gift

Hi! Before seeing everything we want to wish you a very VERY happy birthday, that you never stop being happy, rejoicing with your smile, doing what you like the most. It is never too much to remind you that we will always be there for whatever and ALWAYS supporting you.

(WHAT CURSI did you see?)

Lola and Azul

second surprise:

We did a dubbing video with some girls from the fandom! In this video it is very allowed to laugh !. Hope you like it❤ Touch to see it and enjoy it😜


•Azul @noahisuniverse edition / production / idea.
Azul as Queen Isabel II,Kyle,Selena and Oriana

•Lola @noah_centineo_fans_edits as Ellen

•Iridian @noahcentineoismyworld as Laura Marano

•Pragati @noah_centineofan as Lana Condor

Noah's Birthday

gift number 3:

Next,we will show you some little letters that some fans also wrote to you!







Top 5 Moments of Noah Centineo

Noah ... we have reached the end of the gift! Here we decided to put together 5 best moments of your life that your fans think they are.

#1- The Gold Retrievers : As we understand it, it was your first leading character when you were only 13 years old and in turn where you got to know yourself. Your beginnings on screen

#2-Speaking Spanish : We decided that it could be an important moment since many Latin people were really impressed by the fact that, even if you don't know Spanish professionally, you can defend yourself with the language and interact much more ❤

#3- Playing on the tv show : We highlight this because it shows that you are as old as you are, you should never lose your fun side or your inner child

#4- Puppies : The story of your scar is known, and the fact of overcoming and moving forward having the same love for animals is truly admirable

#5- Speech : You thanked everyone for what you have achieved, conveying a lot of love, showing who you really are. You are an inspiration to many people.

5 Moments of Noah Centineo