Some facts about me!☺️

My name is Ivana.I'm 12 years old and my bday is on January 28 2009.I don't have a real friends and no one loves me🥺My fav colour is pink,blue and purple.I speak 5 languages.It's Bulgarian,Spanish,Russian,Japanese and English 💕My fandom name is sweet cats becous I love very much cats🌺I love my amazing and beautiful followers!✨

Colouring tutorial for my baby's!💕

First app: Prequel
Add video.Go to adjusts and make exposure 50% ,highlights 50% , Shadows 100% , aberration 70% ,Blur 50%
Then go to filters and put filter teal in 100%
Go to effects an put effect diamond in intensify 0%
Scale 0%
Rotation 0%
Filter 100% and save the video
Second app Colourtone:
Put filter googee and export video
Third app Vont:
Write your text and export
Fourth app CapCut:
Add the coloured video and go to effects then put effect blurry focus and that's it!
I hope I was helpful!🌺✨💕

Video ideas!🥥🎀

1.Are you scared to walk alone at night?
2.Let's see if I have more haters or supporters!
3.Copylink when you realize what's wrong with this video!
4.Do you have your dream phone?
5.What time is it when you are seeing this?
6.Comment if you are ugly and copy link if you are beautiful!
7.What's the time in your country rn?
8.If you are not racist check in the comments!
9.Your mom dancing wap........your 10 emoji is your reaction!😂
10.Who have the best phone in your family?
11.What's an emoji you didn't know existed?
12.Say ,,hi" if I'm a good fanpage
13.How many likes do you get in 1 minute?
14.Do you have your mom's or dad's last name?
15.Rate you mental health 0-10 and be honest please
16.Have you lost your smile?
17.Do you have the most followers in Ur class?
18.Try to make a rainbow with Ur 5 recent emojis
19.Show me a proof that you copied link
20.What is your biggest dream?
If you use one of this pls give credits ☺️🙈