About me <3

here’s some facts about me!

hi my name is oakley and I’m 4’8 and I have 1 puppy (she’s on the next slide if you want to learn more about her!) and I like to play with my 5 year old niece and my 2 year old nephew I’m an aunt of 5 kids and I have 5 siblings 2 brothers and 2 sisters but i have no idea what the other ones gender is! I like to go outside and play with my 27 year old sister and niece and nephew! I really like to post a lot on my page and I love helping other people out! All my siblings are half related to me (because of my dad) but one is not related to me at all just by heart! I love to dress up and do makeup! I’m homeschooled and have been for 2 years! I hope you learned a lot about me! <33

About Marlee!

here’s some facts about my puppy!

hi I’m Marlee I’m almost 7 months old! I like to lay outside and play! I really like to meet new people and I’m sad when my owners are gone! I’m a basset hound and I’m very needy and spoiled! I have a lot of energy when I feel clean! I love to chew on sticks and bones! I have to go to the kennel sometimes and that’s it I hope you learned a lot about me 🐶

About my ibfs!

Here’s my ibfs!

ibfs —

- lustryaddi
- classicharl
- lemonsunraes
- easterling.voni
- chvrsbastay
- .oceansunrqe
- mxrble.chxrs
- charlszgh
- cgdcoastal
- trainchsr

if you want to be one of my ibfs just go on one of my videos and comment your Instagram!🤍

About my coloring tut and font pack

here’s my coloring tutorial and a font pack!

coloring tutorial —
app :: prequel

exposure : +30
highlights : +30
shadows : +100
sharpen : +25
glow : +10
aberration : +75
blur : +50

filter — teal at 100

effect — diamond filter at 100 everything else at 10

app :: colourtone

filter coogee 1x
shadows all the way up
tint : +0.32
vibrance : -0.02

font pack ::

- hug me tight
- kind heart
- garlic salt
- pink chicken regular
- kg red hands
- kgflavorandframesthree
- cheeky rabbit
- lamina
- lemon milk
- letters for learners
- local brewery sans
- mermaid bold
- muthiara
- nature pro
- Paris
- smiley
- UIMockup
- hipster icons
- hill country
- HelloDoodlePrint
- Habede extra doodles
- children sans
- butterflies
- BonusHearts