h a z e l☁️✨ coloring tut

h a z e l☁️✨ coloring tut- Cc: me tc:: me

Prequel ::
Effects: star dust
Everything down

Filter:: teal

Skin tone:: 10

Blur:: 25

<33 I love you all

My journey and how I started tiktok

About me

I was born on December 17 2011
my mom and stepdad met when I was 3 and are still together till this day. September 14 2019 my stepdad purposed and are in a healthy marriage rn I come to see my mom every 2weeks. 2017 October 17 I was in my room at my moms and my cousins were at my mom and stepdads house and my stepsister and cousins were sitting out side my room door on the 2nd floor and I came outside bc food was ready and my stepsister asked "do you want tiktok to?!" And I was like "sure it sounds fun!" So I gave her my phone 1hr later after dinner I was like let me add my pfp and change my username and a bio! So I did and I gained a lot 2018 I was at 100 followers so then a year later 2019 I gained 500 followers so I'm like let me change my username so I do and the start of 2020 I get logged out so I'm like fine I will try to see how log I can go without tiktok so mid 2020 I redownload it and make a acc called bubblyxcharlzz so then I change it to chrz.oreos so then 2020 on Christmas I wake up with 1k followers so I'm like omg this is a medical so I'm like I have to do a giveaway for my old color tut I used to have and a font pack I used to use and a rare pack so I do and I change my username to .tfcgd and i have a few other accs such as vsaepros, and, 30kcdh thank you guys for all the love and support through out these years and idk were i would be without yall ily and have a great rest of your day!!

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