Hello everyone welcome to .ventibnai/lia!

Here is a list of things/items you will find in this website:

- fonts I use
- my coloring
- questions
- about me

Fonts I use

Here are the fonts that I use!

- Lemon milk medium (questions)
- cheeky rabbit (watermark)

My coloring

Here is my coloring!

apps the you will use:
- 24fps
- prequel
- B612
- ultralight
- vont (for the question)
cc: addcherrie

first go to the app 24fps
put the QR code “tak3 on m3”
and save!

second to the app B612
and look for “fade 1”
it should be one of the firsts one there!
intensity: 80 then save!

third go to the app ultralight
and go to edit and press the
triangle thingy on there!
clarity: -7
sharpen: -10
noise: -10
then save!

fourth go the app prequel
and put the filter “Oakland”
(It’s one of the lasts ones
so it might take a while to
find it)
then go to effects and put the
effect “sparkle” turn the intensity
and the filter down
then go to adjust and put these
exposure: 25
glow: 10
blur: 25

and your done!


Here are some questions!

Oh no all det emojis are getting deleted you can only save 5!

Dont be shy tagg your last follower

Oh no googee and Avalon is fighting who are you picking?

By the look on my acc what hair colour do you think I have?

Corona ends your 3 emoji is your reaction

copy link if you still sleep with stuffed animals

Do we follow each other?

Type heather and tagg the first person that comes up

Only people that support me can copy link

Do you have an emoji you acsidetly used that is now in your recents?

A boy calls you a object reply with 4 words

Quick your idol are hosting a zoom, like to get your ticket its only 500

Ask Siri to pick a number between 1 -10 thats how many times you have to copy link

Witch tiltok family would be in if you could choose?

Copy link if I’ve ever been on your for you page

Holaa I’m an taurus and my idol is avian, now its you turn

Is your pe teacher a boy or girl?

Whats the police number in your country?

Be honest does my coloring hurt your eyes?

Who has the best phone in your family?

If you were famous what would you name your fandom?

are u scared of horror movies?

how many phones u had?

is ur room aesthetic

if u fav color is blue u have to copylink!

how long u had your acc?

do u prefer more dresses or pants?

does ur friends like ur type?

do u like the color of ur eyes?

what is ur favorite childhood show?

do u follow ur followers back?

do u have a fp?

how many fps u think ur idol has?

why did u make ur acc?

whats ur fav led light?

About me

Here are some facts about me!

- I live in the UAE
- I’m straight
- im a girl
- im 13
- my birthday is on January 27
- my dream job is an interior designer ig
- I love singing, acting, dancing
- I love food but it’s hard for me to gain weight
- I have anger issues but I’m kind
- I’m shy at first but crazy after words
- my fav color is black n blue
- I have trust issues
- I have 4 siblings (3 sisters n 1 brother)
- my sign is an Aquarius
- I cuss a lot 🥲
- emojis I like to use:
- my goal is 1k but at this moment 100-200
- my eyes is honey and my hair is light brownish
- I respect everyone and there opinion
- and I respect every religion
And Ig that’s it :)