— [별] welcome to my L0V3 BL0G。 𖧧

i am lavender eunie ! <3

she!her, 06 liner, asian, isfj-t, leo ♥️

stanlist !

tomorrow by together, enhypen, bts & manyyy more
꒰ the lomls : yeonjun, soobin, jungwon, taehyung ꒱

hello !!

this is my tiny corner of the internet where i share my love rants to the sweetest lil bean on earth; YANG JUNGW0N <3 i hope you find comfort n joy in my posts!!

💭 : what inspires you to have a fan account?
a : i think it's a really lovely idea for an individual to have an account where they can show their love for their favourite idols. i never imagined myself to actually create an account for any idol before, but here i am now. it's actually very fun experience as you can find new friends within the kpop fandom and talk about your interests together! then, i get to challenge my creativity in creating stories and posts.

💭 : when did you stanned enhypen?
a : way wayyy back before they even released the photos for i-land! i'm proud to say i've been here since predebut! nunu's photo was the first one i saw on i-land's instagram account and i just couldn't wait for the episodes. i did not remember when exactly i chose jungwon as my bias but i fell in lov with his unique voice <3 oh and! i can vividly remember how i searched up sunghoon's ice skating videos and listen to jaebeom/echan's music he self-produced /ฅ/ﻌ/ฅ/ i miss everything about i-land but i am so happy enhypen's dreams came true, they deserve the whole world !

likes ! <3

nature, music, desserts, books & jewelry.

dislikes ! </3

noisy people, crowded public spaces, insects, loud noises & hot weather.

internet bsfs !

lula, zara, qua, jayann, zee & maggie! ily and thank you for all the memories we shared the past year + 2020 ♥️


reminder ! : i know how scary the world can get, how the overwhelming fear of feeling like everyone is against you, but please remember everything will be alright <3 i'm so proud on how far you've come, you are stronger than you think as you have gone through huproud of you! <3 you don't know how strong you are, huns !! please don't give up and know that everything will be alright. don't skip on meals and remember to stay hydrated always! i adore you !!

love, milkiwonie ✿