about a boy who loves the sunlight  —

My lover:

you gave me shelter when I was lost and i needed it the most, you gave me a warm home for me to rest, you gave me understanding, you gave me a reason to stay, a reason not to give up, you gave me loving. and i give it back. I forever will be grateful, I'll always make you feel loved and appreciated, because you are indeed loved and appreciated, you're the only one, my only one. the one i love and desire. you're my lover, you're my friend, my soulmate, you're my laugh, my smile, my all. sometimes i find myself stopping... thinking about you and how my life changed since you came to me, since i have you around. and it's amazing the way you affect me in a really good way. its just... how do i say this... ok you exist, right? and then here's me, a really chaotic and aggressive and energetic person, then i met you and i was like... goddamn. really my mind was like this person is really, reaaaaaally something special. and then i started to know you and the more I knew about you, the more I loved you. then i wasn't afraid anymore, i wasn't chaotic, i started to feel like i belong (to you) and everything started to feel lighter, you made me feel so much better.
i love you just by you being you. you, the real, the competitive, the complicated, the sensitive, the humble, the goddamn adorable and so tender, the kind, the stubborn, the smart, the romantic, the horny, the cholo delincuente. everything that you are, i love and protect. and i will still love you if you add something else to my previous list, and i still love you if there's something that i missed, if there's something you haven't showed me, and i will stil love you if you change, and I'll love you if you never change. and i love your habits, and all those little things that you do. those details that maybe you're not aware of but i do notice. and i love everything you say to me, everything you decide to share with me, everything you show me, and what you do to me. but most importantly, i will love you in your darkest hours, in your worst mood. intrusive thoughts come and go all time, and i know sometimes it's too much for you and all you want is to be alone, but just know that I am there, and i love you above all, absolutely. when you need someone i will be there. if you need anything i will be there, if you don't want to talk about it and just want to watch a movie or random videos i will be there too. i love you, and i swear I will love you forever, there's no way I can stop loving you. happy valentine's day to you, my endless love.