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Am Jennifer by name am a mom and a wife I live in Italy am a mom entrepreneur I promote healthy living around the globe 🌎 with the help of our product which is based plants natural products it vegans all natural plants based!!! it has helped me so much with my health and well-being I thought I should share it with you if you don't mind or looking forward for some great based plants natural products to support your overall well-being , this is my website right below to see more information just change the globe 🌎 to your based country for more information and please don't forget to let me know your thoughts about what you think thanks for your understanding God bless you🙏 have a wonderful day🥰🥰

Pregnancy testimony

Pregnancy testimonials for using our products

Thought it was about time that I share my story... sorry it’s a long one!!

My middle child (Alfie who is now 7) after trying for 3 years, having had 2 miss-carriages and an etopic. I honestly thought that having another child was never going to happen! I have endometriosis so I find it really hard to conceive. I was under a specialist consultant who put me on clomid and luckily the first month it worked.

In October 2018 I had a positive pregnancy test, I didn’t have a bleed for 13 weeks. Was a huge shock but once sinked in the thought of having another child was amazing. Turns out though after several blood tests and examinations I wasn’t in fact pregnant but I had a cyst on my ovary. My whole world crumbled and the possibility of having another child was slipping away!!

I started a bad relationship with drinking as I thought that the alcohol would block out the pain. It did for a while but it also made me more unhappy as I put on a lot of weight.

I had been taking the premium capsules in 2017, even though I took them continuously I wasn’t looking after my health properly. So I decided to knock the alcohol on the head and start taking better care of my body.

On New Years ever 2018 I decided to have a procedure done to laser of my endometriosis as at this point I had lost over 4 stone. I was still experiencing heavy periods and sex had once again become painful. So I wanted to go into the new year a better version of me.

I was told by my gynaecologist that I could start trying for a baby naturally. We had always been told that if we wanted another child then I would need to take clomid again and if this failed it would be hormone injections. So to be told this news I didn’t believe him and questioned him. I made sure that he wrote it on my discharge paper work so I had it in writing.

On February 7th I had my first positive pregnancy test!! I couldn’t actually believe it, it didn’t sink in till I saw my baby growing at my 12 week scan!!

My pregnancy was actually amazing I had no uti’s (like I did with my other 2 pregnancies). Other than being anaemic I felt bloody AMAZING!!! My cravings throughout my pregnancy was watermelon!!

On the 14th October 2019 I had an emergency section and I welcomed my 3rd boy into the world. He was absolutely perfect in every way and weighed a whopping 8lb 1oz!!

amazing allergies testimony

Please read through this product testimony

My own results with my allergies 🤧
I am actually allergic to ALL fresh fruits and some vegetables so since I was 14 I haven’t touched them
The envy was real I’d watch my kids eating it and be soo jealous 🙃🙃
If I was on a bus and someone opened a orange or started to eat a apple or peach next to me I’d have to move or even get off the bus numerous times I’ve had to do that as I’ve asked someone not to be before and let’s just say it didn’t go down well lol

So starting on the capsules I was very worried just in case but epi-pen ready I went for it and was amazed no side effects no reactions 💥💥
Man I was over the moon 🌙 I can now get all this fruit and vegetables in my system with no major reaction
That for me is a game changer
I have so much more energy now
I sleep better
I now don’t take medication for some serious issues
(But that’s another status)
My skin is now not grey and my whole body just feels better than ever
Our capsules are literally life for me no exaggeration......