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What was Singapore like before 1819?

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Who were the Orang Laut?

Orang Laut are seafaring ethnic groups and tribes living around Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesian Riau islands. They patrolled the adjacent sea areas, repelling real pirates.

What do the Sejarah Melayu and Suma Oriental accounts say about Parameswara's escape from Temasek to Melaka?

Sejarah Melayu man named , Sang Ranjuna Tapa sent a letter to Java, seeking the help of Majapahit for revenge. Suma oriental, written by a Portuguese travleller,, Parameswara did not dare to confront the king and fled with about a thousand men up the Moar River.

The artefacts of early singapore


Javanese-styled gold armlet

These are Javanese-style gold jewellery found at Bukit Larangan. The armlet bears a repousse plaque of the Javanese kala, which traditionally adorns the top of main entrances of temples, and are still found in many parts of Indonesia. These were found at Fort Canning Hill in 1928 by labourers excavating for a reservoir.

The blue and white stem cup

The blue and white stem cup were produced in China during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and were recovered from Fort Canning. The outer covering of the artefact has a blue dragon figure. This cup tells me that it was probably traded and we had a strong relationship with the Chinese locals in Singapore.

The Headless Horseman

The headless horseman on a winged horse is made of lead and excavated on 8 May 1998. The 8cm tall statuette is believed to be from the 1300s during the heyday of the kingdom of Singapura and height of Majapahit empire (modern day Indonesia). The Headless Horseman got it's name from the head of the horseman becoming missing and hence, it's name was created.