you make me happy in a way no one else can.

Happy first monthsary to the prettiest person i've ever met, my lila. The love of my life. I'm very happy to celebrate this day with you, mahal ko. Thank you for staying! Thank you for coming into my life in the most unexpected way.

I always treasure every moment that we spent together. Thank you for being you and for being mine. I hope we can spend our days more happily with each other. You are my everything and my constant reminder that i'm enough. You make my days so much better. I appreciate you so much and I'd do anything for you, my love.

to more memories with you baby

here are

things that i super love about you

your personality
your smile
your voice
your eyes
your kindness
your comfort
such a kind hearted person
caring and a lovable girlfriend
how adorable you are
when you tell me about your day
your kisses, ofc
you're so gorgeous, cute and hilarious
trustworthy, talkative, nice and funny
u make me laugh, brightens up my mood and lights up my world
you always give me butterflies
your compliments
u worry about me and teases me
you always cheer me up when i'm down, you always make me happy
you're very understanding

i love you because you are, my love.


You deserve a love that's pure, no secrets, just love. You deserve everything and i'll treat you like my princess. Don't be too hard on yourself, okay? Mahal kita, talikuran ka man ng mundo, andito ako palagi para sayo. I know you can stand and shine alone pero pag kailangan mo ng malalabasan, andito ako. pag kailangan mo ng masasandalan, andito balikat ko para sayo, mahal. I will always be on your side and willing ako makinig sa mga problema mo. I'll be always here for you through your/our ups and downs, remember that, okay?

andito palagi tam mo.

just for you —

Is the letter inside familiar to you, my love? if yes then may kiss ka sa'kin. That was the letter I made for you nung Valentine's. You are maybe wondering what's with the picture. So last week, i found this big circle container thingy and it's empty so i decided to put letters of mine for you, everyday on it. It's like my diary na rin for you ganon hahaha. Pag mapuno na ito ng mga letters ko para sa'yo, i wish i could give this to you. :)

para sa'yo yan.


I love you and I don't want to lose you because my life has been better since the day i met you. I'm happy and contented with you, lila. Remember na, even at your worst, you're still the best. I will always be here for you. I will always listen to you. With me, you'll never be alone. I'm grateful to be your first lover, i'm really really lucky to have you. You're the best, my best girlfriend, my favorite person, my home. Sinabi ko na 'to sayo pero uulitin ko, ikaw lang at ikaw lamang ang pipiliin ko sa araw araw. Ikaw lang palagi, Mahal ko. Stay strong to the both of us, love. More monthsaries to celebrate with you! Mahal na mahal ka nang pinakamamahal mong Ryu. I'll stay with you.