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Make money trading on Forex

Forex Signals - 1000 pip builder

He's Bob James and he's been trading on forex for over 10 years. He is a skilled Forex Trader with a team to do complex analysis of the Asian, US and European session. He will send you real-time data as he receives it 24/5 Monday through Friday. Trade foreign currency with him and you will conquer the Forex markets together. Why not make a small investment to get a guaranteed return and knowledge that will last forever!

With his complex forex software, he will give you the freedom to work from home. Trading on forex when it's safe, and giving you educational videos to trade like a master. Customer support is reliable, and Bob overall is a great human being. Allow him to teach and guide you to success on forex's volatile market. It's time to invest into yourself, instead of investing into someone else and making them rich. Let's make you rich.

Forexpeacearmy.com gave this a 4.486 star review out of 100 reviews.

Best overall detailed review of pros and cons.

Florida, USA, Jan 28, 2021, Registered user

One of the best I have had Service use: LiveLength of use: 0-3 Months
I have been casually trading for about three years now, but the past two months I've decided to take my game to the next level and actually make a second income stream out of Forex trading. Since I got more serious the past month, I've subscribed to a few services and classes, one of them has been a paid subscription to 1000pip Builder, here is an honest 100% truth review.

Pro's -
Signals come in a standard - Copy and Paste - Format. With an open price, Stop Loss and three take profit suggestions (Standard, Scalping and Swing) They are very easy to use and could be followed by anyone, expert to beginner alike.

100% honest truth, the signals are always reliable. If it was just about reliability this would be an easy 5/5 stars. I KNOW when I get a signal from Bob, the market is VERY likely to move where he expects it to.
To put in perspective, I have spent for a "lifetime subscription" 3.5K USD on signals/classes. But the signals are so crappy I've literally learned to do exactly the opposite of what they say.
Put that in contrast, 1000pip builder has been near perfect in calling market direction. This past month, with a trailing stop loss, I haven't lost any money even even if the market turns against us.

Con's -
Now, the critique that I have is just pure honesty, and is dependent on the volatile market, not necessarily on the service "per-say". I hope Bob isn't upset, because I truly admire him and the work he does. But truth is truth and I will put it out there.

Firstly, signals are a bit less than even he admits he would like. As of recent, in personalized emails, he does claim that the market has been very volatile and he won't trade unless he knows. While this is respectable, it is difficult when there are only 10-20 signals per month. (January had 13 total signals) To be fair, he has reached out to subscribers and willing to extend services, which proves he is an honest person and not trying to just get your money.

Secondly, and this is again part of trading Forex, not necessarily a problem with the signals themselves; we all need to understand that the markets fluctuate. However, it needs to be stated that, more often than not, the positions are closed before they are allowed to play out. Which technically made the Risk/Reward ratio very bad. Some trades we cut so short (because the market turned) we ended up taking profit at a near 5:1 Risk to Reward ratio, which is far from ideal.

Because the con's are legitimately part of the business of trading Forex, I don't believe he deserves some of the very harsh comments being made. This is a real person, who really cares, and he does a great job.
I have been pleased enough this past month to continue my subscription for the next year and look forward to trading with the help of his advice.

- easy for beginners
- The signals are reliable
- work from home
- Excellent customer service
- 10 years plus experience guiding you
- educational videos are easy to understand
- The software he uses generates safe and reliable trades

- monthly subscription
- needs an internet connection
- results vary depending on user

Overall Bob's students are happy with the amount of communication they receive, the training videos and the reliable trades. Definitely worth the investment receiving a 4.5 star review out of 100 people.

So if you would like to make some money online, replace your 9 to 5 income, and generate income on vacation. Then Bobs pip builder is perfect for you to get financial freedom.