of coffee and naps

to. 🐻

from. 🦌


your bedhead in the photo is so cute. hehe.

anyway hi? hi. it’s ludeer. i was listening to some christmas songs and thinking about what to get my friends for christmas and then you popped in my mind and i wanted to prepare something. beside all the smooches that santa will deliver to you, of course.

over the past two(?) weeks that we’ve been chatting, i found myself looking forward to your messages a Lot! you feel like a bundle of warmth, a long hug in winter, a cup of hot cocoa in my favorite mug. you’re easy to talk to about pretty much any topic and the conversation never runs dry.

have yourself

a warm and happy little christmas

happy holidays, joggingβ€” i mean, ninibear.

you’ve quickly wormed yourself into my heart 🐻 and i won’t even try to pull you out of there. /:< i hope that we get to watch many more movies (i’ll eventually write up a list of all the movies we’ve mentioned so far cuz.. there’s a lot), laugh at weird photos (like the naked bear), try new things (i still haven’t had chrysanthemum milk tea..), and finally have that little beach escape. and preferably stay inside. unless it’s to get some street food. hehe.
thank you for being a bunch of fun and an absolute joy. i hope you don’t mind me bothering you some more, because i want to learn more about you. πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

i hope you and monggu have a warm and happy christmas filled with everything you like and love. may it be sesame cookies, jerkyβ€” uh. people food.. anything that makes you happy! stay healthy and the way you are because you’re lovely that way.

p.s. my calendar is still waiting for more 🐻 stickers
p.p.s. the smooches are ready
p.p.p.s. as are some home baked cookies
p.p.p.p.s. and a warm deer (under a mistletoe?) (oh no it’s just a christmas tree branch..)
p.p.p.p.p.s. your smile is infectuous, please keep smiling

merry christmas (eve),
β€” 🦌🀎