My name is ANGEL T PEDRONAN born in Barangay Minabel, Camiguin, Calayan, Cagayan in February 28, 1998. I was the 5th child and only one son among the 5 . I'm born to a poor family but all we need is provided by our parents.

When I was in elementary I'd like to join to any contest in dancing and playing games . I never get exposed my parents because of bad attitudes because they taught me how to be humble, and kind to others.

I haven't get honor awards because I am not smart kid and I never discovered any of my talents. I am very very shy child and never talk to any person even they are familiar to me.

In my highschool life I get started to learn how to play guitar instruments by my own first year to 3 year practice without helping of others . That time internet signals of cellphone is not exited I only used my hearing ability to play a good sounds I don't even know what chords it is and how to form but I can play .

In my 4th year highschool I join to linggo ng wika contes in our school and joined to search contest and my talent is playing a guitar and singing a song that was amazing and have a good result .

When I was in grade 11 and 12 my teacher recommended me to church to become sacristan to served the mass everyday and I get full scholarships . The reason why I am going to be a sacristan is to help my parents to provide our financial . A 2,500 boarding house fee we can't pay that for almost a year , because we don't have work to supply our needs .

When I graduated in Lyceum of camiguin highschool I decided to work here in cagayan de oro , I never get lonely to get away far from my parents it is because I wanted to help them to provide my financial . There is a kind person who took me here and get a job from him to support me in my studies but I work for them for more than 2 years . And now I live alone and I only get hope to my scholarship I never spent the money for anything I just directly to pay full tuition for the semester . My sisters support me too to provide my needs in boarding house I want to go home because I haven't seen my parents for almost 4years . And now I'll do what I can to leave I'll get any free job but in online . I manage my time in school and work . It is hard to live alone but I steal fighting for my dreams