In honor of Breonna Taylor's birthday this coming Friday 5 June 2020, here are some concrete action items people can do to commemorate her life and fight to get her justice. Complete as many items on the list as you can and share the link to this campaign so that other people can complete it too.

Action Item #1

Sign the official petition calling for justice in Breonna Taylor's case. It only takes a minute.

Sign the Petition

Action Item #2

Donate directly to Breonna's family using the Gofundme link below. Any little bit helps even if you don't have much to give. Let's get them to their $500,000 goal for her birthday.

Donate to the GoFundMe

Action Item #3

Send an email directly to the Kentucky Attorney General, the Mayor and the Governor. The link below will open a fully scripted email in your mail app, already addressed. Fill out the fields for your name and location and send! Easy peasy. Let's make sure they're hearing about Breonna Taylor no matter where they look.

Email the Kentucky Admin

Action Item #4

2a. Send a birthday card (or letter, or postcard!) to the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, demanding that he lay charges against the officers who killed Breonna.

Address your cards as follows:
Office of the Attorney General
700 Capital Avenue, Suite 118
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-3449

2b. If you can, also send a card to Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer demanding that he fall in line and support charges for her killers.

Address those cards as follows:
Mayor Greg Fischer
527 W Jefferson Street #600
Louisville KY 40202

2c. If you cannot physically get a card in time, use the link below to select and mail one online. Postable will print, and mail a card for your for $4.00 USD, postage included.

Let these men know that we haven't forgotten her, and she deserved to be alive to celebrate her birthday.

Postable Birthday Cards

Action Item #5

If you have access to a printer and would like to send a personalized birthday card, Ayla Sydney has made the following design free to download. Hit the link, print the card and fill it out and send it to the above addresses.

PDF Birthday Card

Action Item #6

Using the hashtags #SayHerName and #BirthdayForBreonna, flood social media platforms with remembrances for Breonna Taylor. Let's get both hashtags trending.

Make art, write poetry, post music — anything that will remind people that she lived and that her life mattered. Post it to your Instagram feeds, Stories, Twitter, Facebook or Tik Tok. Anything that will get the word out. Let's make June 5th Breonna Taylor Day.

Post To the Hashtag

Action Item #7

If you don't have art you can share for Friday, download the images at the following to post on Breonna's birthday. The caption can be anything you'd like, but make sure to credit @arielsinhaha for the artwork and @nemesomi for the images when you post them. Don't forget the hashtags and feel free to post them early. We're taking over Instagram in her name!

Download the images

Action Item #8

Donate to the Louisville Community Bail Fund to help support the protesters who have been on the ground in Louisville fighting for Breonna. Consider making your donation recurring.

Donate to the Bail Fund

Action Item #9

Add the link to this site to your social media bios so that other people can find it an participate too!

Copy The Link

Action Item #10

Send Breonna Taylor's family a loving note, and read more about where you can call and demand justice.

Send A Note

Action Item for Kentucky residents

There will be a vigil ceremony and balloon release in Louisville on Saturday, June 6 organized by Breonna's family. Please being blue, silver, white, or cream balloons.

Meet at the Louisville Metro Hall of Justice (in front of the statue) at 5 p.m. with balloons. The release will happen at 5:45.

Finally, here's a list of more resources you can use to get involved in the fight for black lives, in a special edition of my newsletter.

See Resources from @30FlirtyFilm

Thank you to Busy Philipps, Victoria Wilson, Jane Shin and Zosha Millman for providing direct material support in putting this campaign together.

Special thanks to Ariel Sinha, Ayla Sydney, Jane Cartwright, Izzy Mitchell and Imosemen Omiunu for the use of their artwork.