3 Simple Self-Defense Moves that Could Save Your Life!

➡️ Are you growing more concerned about the rise in crime?!

➡️ Are you troubled about unprovoked attacks against everyday citizens?

It’s time to start leveling up your self-defense skills.

I’ve created a 15-minute video outlining 3 life-saving self-defense moves that you can learn and apply right away.

About Me

Hi, I’m Pat Thurmond

Empowerment Coach, equipping everyday citizens to incorporate wellness, fitness, and self-defense for a well-rounded, strong, brave, and confident lifestyle.

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Pat’s Philosophy

Pat Thurmond is an Army combat veteran with a Ph.D. in Education and
over a dozen self-defense instructor certifications from the NRA, R.A.D.,
and the Well Armed Woman, to name a few. She's also a graduate of The
Law of Self-Defense Instructor Program and performs contract work as a
licensed armed security guard.

Pat believes that battles are won or lost in seconds, and once we’re in a
battle of ANY kind, it's too late to prepare for it. She also believes that
today, more than ever before we must be prepared to protect ourselves
against attackers.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Because of these beliefs, Pat specializes in instilling the confidence,
knowledge, and practical skills needed to avoid confrontation and overtake
unexpected attackers.

She does this in three unique ways: She teaches everyday citizens how to
put a safety plan in place before they need one. She teaches them how to
spot and avoid potential danger. And she teaches them what to do before,
during, and after an encounter.

In addition, she introduces them to security and personal protection devices
such as stun guns, pepper sprays, and kubotans. Each of which could
serve as a deterrent or an equalizer, if needed.

Pat's philosophy is simple; "personal protection is our right and our

Therefore, her goal is to provide everyday citizens with the knowledge,
skills, and tools needed to meet that responsibility.


Pat’s Qualifications and Certifications

Owner of 365 Self-Defense and creator of the online Fierce and Fearless Training Series.