Hi I’m Kristin,
First up let me say Thanks for joining me here.
So me in a nut shell:-
First and foremost I’m a mum of 4 cherubs. 3 girls (my beauties) and a little man. Yes life can be crazy hectic at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Second, I’m a business owner and love everything that comes along with it. I juggle my business around my family.
I sell a fabulous line of Cosmetics, skin, body & Hair Care products & I’m part of Australia’s top team in our company. I help women of all ages, shapes & sizes feel and look beautiful inside and out. I’m also one of the NSW Regional Trainers & I thrive on helping women grow their own businesses.
Thirdly: I love renovating & DIY. I know that sounds strange... How does the beauty industry go with construction!!! To be quite honest I have no idea it’s just what I love.
Well that’s pretty much it. Hope you enjoy the ride what you see is what you get with me 💁🏼‍♀️

Boot camps & Master Classes

This is a great place to get started.

They are a private FB group & all classes are done ONLINE. You can check in at anytime that works best for you. We have 10-12 company trainers that work together to bring you the best advice & help you combat the challenges you might be facing when it comes to your skin care or makeup

Join Skin Care Boot Camp

What you will receive when you join one of our boot camps

💙 Lifetime access to our private FB group
💙 FREE sample pack for you to try the products for 5 days

🌸 It’s a great way to try a fabulous plant based, anti-ageing skincare range and educate yourself on your skin and products that will treat your skin concerns

By registering here you will be automatically booked into our next available class for $1

You will receive a text message from me with dates & your unique link to join the group


Makeup Master Class Starter (Pack 1)

👄 Learn to do all the things all from the convenience of wherever you are 🙌🏻

🎥 Exclusive lifetime access to a closed fb group with multiple tutorials to watch either live or at your leisure

💓 We will be covering topics such as :

✨The perfect base
✨Finding your face shape
✨Highlight and Contouring
✨Basic Eye Look for different eye shapes
✨Brows - how to map and fill
✨Colour Matching
✨Lipsense Mixing and Layering
✨Eyeliner and Mascara Hacks
✨Makeup Removal
✨Brush Cleaning
✨And Much More....

🎈 Package 1 regular price $25 🎈register through here to receive yours for $1
- Masterclass Access
- Sample Pack
- Beauty Blender
- Postage

Once registered you will be sent a Text from me with class dates & time & the link to join the private group