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I was a personal trainer and celebrity fitness trainer for 18 years, before which I was a fitness competitor. Now, I am a mother and a creator of big projects—the biggest of which is my business, MY Return.life, through which I sell empowering apparel for women. My young adult life was a series of 180-degree flip-flops: I’ve gone from arrogant nonbeliever to God-loving woman of faith, from super-dieter to overeater and back again, and from obsessive workout fanatic to completely unmotivated. Living in extremes has led me to an incredible discovery—an epiphany, really—that has allowed me to find the healthiest balance within each of these extremes without even tapping into my willpower. In 555 Method, I spill my secrets.

How many times has January 1st inspired you to re-commit to your New Year’s Resolution—otherwise known as “re-re-re-re-old resolution”—to get into shape? The reason it repeats every single year is this: short-term motivation. You start out with great intentions, but by March, the motivation is completely gone. This also applies to healthy eating, career, and anything else that requires self-discipline. When the first storm hits, interest and enthusiasm taper off.

Through my experience as a fitness coach and also a person who has received plenty of lemons, I have had to stay focused and motivated while turning my sourest lemons into sweet lemonade. I have no time for short-term motivation. I have developed the 555 Method, which will help you to summon a type of motivation that will never fade—for all aspects of your life! With this method, you will consistently burn with the desire for healthy eating, exercising, sticking with your business projects, and most of all, being loyal to yourself.

Every plan, project, and resolution is basically a promise to yourself. Every time you stop short, you are breaking those promises. The reason you stop is that you allow your world (that event, that crisis, that person, that election, that storm, those lemons) to have more power than YOU! With the 555 Method, you will never let anything be more important and have more power than you, YOURSELF. (Not even those chips!) Period.

The only tree that will withstand every storm is a tree with the deepest, strongest roots. Any project, diet, plan, and resolution you tackle without first establishing solid roots won't last long because of the obstacles, challenges, and lemons life brings. Therefore, before you decide to jump into anything new, make sure you have grown your roots down deep and strong. 555 Method is a method for growing the most powerful roots that will produce the most fruitful life tree, which will withstand any storm.

Isn't our life the result of our goals, both finished and unfinished? We all have that "unfinished" thing in our lives that we keep coming back to again and again. Every year, we try to start a new tree—but it soon gets uprooted. Why? No roots! Today, get rid of the OLD way and start a NEW way: instead of building a tree from the branches down, start by growing the roots—and next year, you won't have to start a new tree. You will be able to continue growing bigger roots, a bigger tree, and a more fruitful life! The 555 METHOD teaches you how to grow your roots, and it is totally up to you to choose how big of a tree you want to grow. YES! You can grow it all the way to the top!

With the most solid roots, you will be able to see your worth and your value, and there is absolutely nothing and no one who you will allow to disrespect it.

555 METHOD is your RETURN to your WORTHINESS, bestowed upon you by your Creator and demonstrated to the world in the form of SELF-ESTEEM.

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555 Method Reviews

Old Out-New In

“The 555 Method is absolutely lifechanging. I have read many "self-help" books, and this one is absolutely NOT ONE OF THEM! After having life throw a bucket of lemons and hit me right in the face, I needed this book and I needed Tatiana. Tatiana's insight and intuition are spot on, and her message of vibration and love is really the only thing that we need to live a remarkable life. I have, after many years, finally planted my roots, and my lifestyle change was quick, easy and painless, just by following the Tatiana's 555 Method. If you do nothing else for yourself, you need to read and follow the 555 Method.” -Erika A.

“Tatiana Schloessman's 555 lifestyle plan for your health and wellbeing is perfect for one who has tried every "diet" plan out there and found it didn't work for them. This is one I can stick to. Written so I can understand and so simple and easy I can see how it will work for me. I've tried many, many "diet" plans. This is not a diet...it's a very easy, simplified way of life, broken down in easy doable segments. I really look forward to adding this simple plan to my life to feel and look better. I highly recommend reading the whole book to see for yourself!” ~ Fran J.

“The 555 Method is immediately applicable to any life situation. Whether you’re in the middle of a ‘storm,’ or simply over the yo-yo diets and temporary quick-fixes in life—this is THE book to help you get permanently on the right track. Tatiana reminds us, gently but firmly, to recognize our potential and the human dignity with which we were created.” -Lesley L.

“As someone who has struggled with maintaining a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle, the 555 method is precisely what I needed to guide my journey to wellness (I wish I read this Ebook years ago!) For example, instead of following a strict diet to keep me thin, I allow flexibility into my diet because I now purposefully eat to keep my roots strong. Every single act of self-care this book guides you through will lead you towards growth and acceptance. This book also provides spiritual guidance and meditations that have helped me embrace the love I have for my Masterpiece. Even though this book details a month-long journey, I will follow the 555 Method for the rest of my life, because this plan truly makes me feel good, and I want to spend every second I can to finally heal and feel connected with my soul.” -Jada D


About the Author

Tatiana Scholessman

The person who I am today, CEO of My Own Life, would not be here without life having given me lemons. My CEO growth started when I was on the street: I didn’t speak English, I had no money, and I didn’t know anyone—except someone whose name was God. As an arrogant nonbeliever, I could “figure out and accomplish everything on my own.” When the real help came, so did my faith and strength—and thus began my growth process for becoming CEO.

Whatever I take on in my life, I always do it with 100% dedication. That’s what I did while being a mom: I put everyone else ahead of myself. I didn’t care much about my own needs, desires, and dreams; I completely shut them down. My circle of interest was tiny: it consisted of my family, my children’s sports, school, and the home. Although it was my own choice to keep this circle small, I started to feel unhappy. I felt like there must be more to life, and also that my hard work and dedication wasn’t appreciated or respected at all.

After lots of searching for answers, I was finally able to recognize my worth and stand up for it. At last, I am CEO of my own life. I took the lemons and turned them into lemonade once again: this time, I created my business, MY RETURN. The purpose of My Return is to remind women to return to who they are meant to be, to help them recognize and protect their own value, and, through self-love, to become CEO of their own lives.