Mama and wife with little to no extra time in her day.
I am fueled by caffeine, hope, and whatever snacks I find in the bottom of the diaper bag.
I don’t have time to sit down and do hour long studies on how to be a better human, and be more positive. I have 5 minutes.

That’s why I created 5 MINUTES OF GOOD.

Read it in your car, on your lunch break, while you hide from your kids in the bathroom, however you want to do it. Take 5 minutes- and have a better day. Be more positive. Know someone else understands and gets how you feel and that you always have a friend.

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All caps because being good to yourself is important.

4 . 5 . 2 0 2 1

Monday’s are the HARDEST days of the week without a doubt. They signal the end of the weekend, the end of relaxation and freedom, and the beginning of a new week of unknowns. Monday has become the face of sadness.

But what if we stopped waiting for Friday and the weekend? What if we squeezed those minutes of simplistic joy into the free moments of our week?

Stop waiting to do all the things on your to do list until the time seems right. Wake up and do that yoga in the morning even if you’re tired. Go weed that flowerbed you’ve been putting off for the past 5 months (me). Go take a couple hours for self care, even if it’s just sitting outside in the sunshine with your kids running around you.

Let’s change the face of Monday’s, and make it a day of new opportunities and hope.

But still drink your coffee.

4 . 6 . 2 0 2 1

Today we are thankful for growth and movement. Progress is progress.

We’re doing just fine.

4 . 7 . 2 0 2 1

Forward and Uplift

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