Hi Hon, you know we've been through a lot of things. We can't say that are relationship is perfect we had our ups and downs but despite all of that I am grateful to have you by my side. We had a tough year and I can't thank you enough for not giving up on me cause I had to depend on you. I am giving this to you to show you how much I appreciate you. I hope you like this little gift that I have for you. I love you so much 💕

Do you still remember the first time we talked? It was when I had to lie to you so you'd feel guilty about something. You were inlove with someone else at that time and honestly hon I don't like you before. Don't be mad ha but you kinda annoyed me maybe because you had this unfriendly vibe to me or simply saying maldito ka 😂. Do you not find it funny na despite us not liking each other before and not having mutual interests (actually until now) we would found each other loving unconditionally? It's true siguro that opposites attract noh? It's a plus na din that we have the same personality but we know that sometimes it doesn't go well because both us doesn't want to lose 😅

You probably already know what I love about you but I'm going to say it anyways- your kamalditohan 🤣 the way you furrow your eyebrows kay pipikon ko ikaw or when nagseselos ka and also when you disagree with me. I dont know why but to me you look more pogi, siguro it's the same as you liking it when I'm maldita? Aside from your kamalditohan, I love how generous you are to other people because you know that I am not hahaha but honeeeey please minimize your generosity kasi sometimes kahit wala kana magive ka parin and you end up suffering because of it. But I dont worry that much about hito because adi man your wife to scold you 😝

I already told you about this that you complete me in so many ways. Even though we dont share the same interests you still listen to me when I talk about it and I love how you always lend your ears that's why bungol kana 😝. I love how you seem to remember every little detail that I told you, sometimes it would surprise me when you say something that I have just told you once. It makes me feel special and loved hehe I am grateful to have someone like you hon thank you. The comfort that you give is beyond everything that I could ever ask for thats why it makes me mad when you tell me that I dont need you anymore, you dont how much your presence gives hope and happiness to me.

I cant believe that it has been 5 years already, are you like me also? 😂 cause you know we've been through alot of ups and downs. We fight every now and then and yet look we are celebrating our fifth year together but I do hope naman na we would stop with our break up phase and just look forward for our future. Kasi diba thats what we wanted pa from the start for us to be together and have a family. I do look forward to our future together, kadamo at plans diba I cant wait for all of it to happen but even though it does'nt go as planned thats okay as long as were together. I hope nothing but the best for us basta hi God at center no matter what happens he would help us ngan dire kita papabay.an :)

Happy 5th Anniversary love of my life!!!💕 I'm getting emotional hon pft I'm grateful and blessed to have you and to spend life with you. Sana di mo na ako awayon kay oh 5 years na kita, I'm still in awe ngane na ang tagal na natin nakaya mo ak ka stubborn and kamaldita pero most especially nakaya ko imo kamaldito pft. Hoping to spend and celebrate more anniversaries with you hon but ahem next time wedding anniversary naman hehehe ILOVEYOUSOMUCHHONEYKO😘 ILOVEYOU ILOVEYOU ILOVEYOU!!! I love you with all I am. Cheers to us! 🥂