Mrityunjay Mohapatra - " A photography enthusiast "

Hey, I'm Mrityunjay Mohapatra based in Odisha, India. I've recently completed my post graduation from VSSUT, Sambalpur in Physics. Beside physics, the second thing I love the most is capturing moments through my lens. For me, it's very much interesting to play with lights. I'm an amateur photographer who's still learning about photography. I photograph anything anywhere, but particularly I am fond of shooting landscape, streets and portraits. Thank you 😊

My Top Picks

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A snowy morning.

This picture was taken in December 2019 near Chaurpur bridge, Sambalpur. You can see the picture is fully covered with snow. People from different part of the town come there for early morning walk. There are also a number of roadside tea stall where you can get tasty masala wala chai ( that brings ultimate warmth to the body) and a variety of biscuits. On that day the whole ambience was so energetic despite of the freezing atmosphere.

Hyderabad - The city of nawabs.

Like a galaxy holds all the stars by gravity, similarly a city binds all people together by it's culture, love, emotions and feelings. A city is not just a place made up of cement, it is the jungle of different communities with their different traditions.

This picture is showing a busy street of Charminar, Hyderabad. I just wanted to be a part of the city. It was like my own kind of town.

A moody evening.

20th Jan 2019, I went on a road trip along with my friends. This beautiful evening was captured at Bargarh. The sun cast long shadow through the branches of the big banyan tree. The slanting rays of the sun gave an orange tint to the picture.

Golebazar ~ Heart of city Sambalpur.

This is the oldest and biggest mandi in the town which is open round-o-clock. You can get almost all varieties of fruits and vegetables here. This is the place where you could sense the essence of Sambalpuria and its colourful vibes 🌾.

Route to Home.

There was some ongoing discussion between some men who were returning to their home after fishing in a nearby river. They were so calm and joyful as if fishing made their whole day and now it's time to relax.

Telamonia dimidiata

Every little creature has their own beauty. They are designed to serve a purpose which reflects their identity. So every life matters no matter how small or big it is.

Inframe: Telamonia dimidiata ( Two striped jumper)

Victoria Sagar Dam

"Victoria Sagar Dam" This dam was built by British queen Victoria in 19th century. So thas it was named as Victoria Sagar. This beautiful place is located near a village called Kuchipali ( near Ghess ) in Bargarh district, Odisha. This is the best place for a family picnic and also for a sunset view. It is a must visit place in Odisha (in Bargarh district) to visit if you are looking for some tranquility.