Getting Into Your Dream Fashion School

A short course by 7th Avenue Fashion Academy

For two days, you will discover how to get into your dream fashion school. Milan? Paris? London? Cape Town? Beijing? The world is your oyster.

At the end of the course, you will be equipped with practical steps to finding your dream fashion school, submitting a great application, acing your interviews & preparing for life at fashion school. You will be coached by a current international fashion school student & a career consultant. You will also learn from the experiences of students of fashion schools in London, Dubai & Paris. You will receive 10 free resources including pre-course journaling prompts, CV, essay and motivation letter guides, a list of scholarships & grants, and many more. You will be given practical tasks & prompts that will move you closer to your goal of going to fashion school.

In 6 - 12 months from now, you can either be ready or be clueless. Which one will you be?

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Curriculum —

Everything you need to get in!

Each class has been carefully selected based on the admission requirements of top fashion schools in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia & the rest of the world.

Pre-course: How To Find Your Dream School

If you’re like many fashion enthusiasts, you’re either overwhelmed with options or you don’t know where to begin. No worries! Finding your dream school is our priority and you will be exposed to the all the tips and tricks. Our pre-course resources: the Pre-course Journaling Exercise, 135 Top Fashion Schools in the World, and List of Lucrative Careers & Programs in Fashion will be very handy.

Funding Your Fashion Education

Ugghhh! Money... what a headache, right?
We will expose you to practical ways to afford a fashion education, as well as the cheapest & best alternatives. Our list of scholarships and grants (up to 100% in tuition fees) will be a bonus!

Online Applications & Portfolios

You might have heard that it’s tough as nails but take it from us, it’s not that bad. We will teach you the ABCs of online applications & fashion portfolios and then, it will be as simple as ABC.

CVs, Essays & Motivation Letters

You will learn how to create an outstanding CV, write a killer essay & draft a motivation letter that will get you into your dream fashion school. You will be coached with real examples and provided with practical guides to help you navigate this.


Interviews! They can go really well or go horribly wrong. You will learn how to answer any question with the right answer. You will learn how to tell your story in a beautiful way.

Post Admission: What Next?

First comes applications, second comes admissions and third comes... post admission life! Now that you are in, what next? You will learn the dos and don’ts of fashion school. And you’ll listen to the experiences of current & past fashion students in schools in London, Paris & Dubai

Free Resources

10 Juicy & Practical Resources You Are Getting When You Join The Course

Meet the Facilitators

Olateju & Titilope

Olateju is the creative director of 7th Avenue & the founder of 7th Avenue Fashion Academy. She has taught and coached over 1500 fashion designers from Nigeria, Africa & the rest of the world. She is also a student at the International Fashion Academy, Paris. Olateju’s experience in fashion spans working with many top brands and organizations including Toju Foyeh and Paris Fashion Week. One fun fact about Olateju? She’s left handed!

Titilope worked as a career consultant for one of Nigeria and UK’s fast growing career organizations. In this role, she worked with over 1000 young people to take advantage of opportunities, and build the life that they want. Titilope hosts a segment on Personal Development with Safe Space, a growing platform for young people. And, she regularly creates content on personal and career development on LinkedIn. She is the Head of Administration of an African research organization and leads a digital female-focused publication where she is connecting Nigerian women to opportunities and resources.


All your questions about the course... answered!

How much is the course fee?

The course fee is #30,000 (NGN Naira)

How can I pay for the course?

To pay, please click the link below.
Or pay into this account:

Account No: 0263616021
Bank: GTB
Name: 7th Avenue Couture

After payment, please send proof of payment to: [email protected]

Where is the venue for the course?

The course will hold online on Zoom.

What is the duration of the course?

The course will hold for 2 days on September 11 & 12, 2021.

What if I can’t make one class?

We recommend that you make both classes. However, recordings will be available. Also, each participant will get 10 free resources that accompany the entire course.

I am not in Lagos, can I join?

Yes! Everyone is welcome regardless of where they live. The course is entirely virtual so it means you can join from anywhere in the world.

I have paid my course fee. What’s next?

Once you’ve made payment, please send proof of payment to 08082007687 on WhatsApp.

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive detailed information about the course, Zoom links, resources & next steps.