Courses by 7th Avenue Fashion Academy


This is a list of short courses being offered at 7th Avenue Fashion Academy. This list contains all the necessary details, as well as payment for the courses.

Dramatic Net Finishing

Learn how to make sophisticated net finishings. No ‘omo n ok’ finishing. After this short course, you will be able to make all kinds of net finishings. The price is #15,000.

Trouser Class

The trouser class is a one week short course. You would learn how to make all types of trousers for all sizes. The price is #15,000.

Digital Illustration Class

Learn how to create digital fashion illustrations using your computer or iPad.
You should have basic sketching skills and any of these basic digital software (Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop/ Procreate) and understanding in fundamental design theory, in order to take this class. The course is a one month weekend training program. The price is #30,000.

Starter Corset Training

The online corset training is a one month weekend training program. For the corset training, You will learn customized corset of any size (that has a seamless finish). Also, you will learn how to make corset with net on top (including how to make breast-cup pattern) and a seamless see-through corset with waist cinching techniques as well. You will also learn different back finishings (including eyelets) as well as how to create your own cup. The price is #40,000.

Corset Upgrade Training

It is tailored for previous corset training students or anyone with previous corset knowledge and wants to level up.
This means that you must already have basic corset knowledge to take this upgrade training. If you don’t, you should take our Starter Corset Training.
You will learn how to make very plus size padded corsets, corset infused blazers, cut out corsets, extra hips on corsets with boning, corsets with deep holes and more.
The price is #25,000.

2D Digital Pattern Drafting Course

Learn how to draw your sewing patterns on your computer from scratch. Learn the principles of drafting digital patterns as well as where to print them. You will also learn how to use them in your market environment as well as how to monetize this skill. You must have basic pattern making skills to take this class. This course is a 2 months weekend training program. The price is #100,000.

Beadwork Short Course

The beadwork class is a 1 month weekend training program. You will learn how to make beaded body panels and how to add full beaded details to clothes. You will learn different beading techniques, how to make crystal fringes and tambour beading basics. The price is 30,000.

Blazer Short Course

The blazer short course is a 1 week short course and it includes 3 blazer making techniques in our online course slated for January. It’s a one- on- one Training Program (you get to interact directly with our head tutor). It’s a hands-on practical class. We guarantee you’ll be a boss by the end of the training. You’ll have to turn in compulsory blazer assignments and a project work to ensure that you are learning. The price is #15,000.

Waist Snatching Class

The training covers all 3 waist snatching techniques to achieve the perfect waist snatch. This training is a 1 week online training program. The price is #15,000.

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Beginners Training Program


The 4 months online beginners program is a course for anyone without little or no fashion design knowledge and has interest in sewing and fashion design. It is a combination of real time classes as well as pre-recorded classes. Students can choose to have classes 4 times a week, on weekdays (4 hours a day) OR weekends (8 hours a day).

The course outline is listed below:

Using a sewing machine
Straight lines
Curved lines
Squares and corners

WEEK 2 and 3:
Free hand sewing
Iro and Buba
Pleated, gathered and flared skirt

A line dress
Offshoulder dress
How to fix zips

Pattern drafting and sewing
Skirt (straight and mermaid)


DARTS: Breast dart, arm hole dart

Week 8:

Week 9:
Sewing same seam inside-out
Pattern drafting
Princess dart

WEEK 10:
Top + skirt = dress
Top + Trouser = jumpsuit

Week 11:

WEEK 12:
Fashion Sketching and Graphic Illustration

WEEK 13:
Dramatic cuts

WEEK 14:
Soft peplums

WEEK 15:
Hard peplums

WEEK 16:
The business of fashion

*Submission of project work and presentation of certificate.

The course is #150,000. This covers tuition and the online training materials. As the course progresses, there will be need for students to get their materials for their practice work.

The Foundation Course


The foundation course is designed for anyone with a passion for fashion designing and a little sewing experience. The course is a 2 months weekly training program (4 times a week), but it’s possible to work according to your schedule.

Below is the detailed course outline for the foundation course:

Week 1 and 2:
Free Hand Sewing
BASIC Ready-To-Wear
Shift dresses
Offshoulder dresses
Shirt Dresses

Week 3:
Pattern drafting and sewing
Skirt (straight and mermaid) seamless
Sewing and finishing

Week 4:
Pattern drafting;
Basic Body Block
Breast dart, Arm Hole Darts and others
Princess dart

Week 5:
Top + skirt = dress
Top + Trouser = jumpsuit
Dramatic cuts
Top and Lower body dart manipulation

Week 6:
Fixing nets and dramatic net neckline Finishings (includes all kinds of net finishing)
Net upper bodice

Week 7:
Victorian Corset
Appliqués, how to appliqué upper bodice
Net finishing and net sleeves
Bead work, crystal fringes and stone work
Fashion sketching and graphic illustration

Week 8:
Soft peplums/ Hard peplums

*Submission of project work and presentation of certificate.

The foundation training is #100,000.

The Advanced Training Program

ONE MORE... 👉🏽

The advanced training program is a 3 months online weekend training program (Saturdays and Sundays). Some basic sewing knowledge is required. This program explores high-level techniques in pattern drafting, sewing, fabric manipulation, sketching, graphic illustration, the business of fashion and lots more.

Below is the course outline for the training.

Week 1:
Trousers: Pattern Drafting/ Sewing

Week 2
Straight Skirt and Mermaid Skirt
Seamless Finishing

Week 3:
Princess Dart With Waist Cut, Princess Dart Without Waist Cut

Week 4:
Dramatic Necklines

Week 5:
Net Finishings/ Dramatic net finishings

Week 6:
Fashion Illustration

Week 7:
Extensions and peplums

Week 8:
Dart Manipulation and sewing

Week 9
Appliqués/ Stone work/ Beading / Crystal Fringes

Week 10:
Victorian corset making

Week 11:
Fabric manipulation
Running a fashion business

*Project Submissions and Presentation of certificates

The advanced training is #50,000.

Bridal Master Class

The bridal masterclass is a 1-month training program.

It covers areas including bridal ball dresses (different degrees and types of ball dresses, bridal dress tail, bridal extension), ball baskets (create from scratch, layer ready-made basket), bridal mermaid dress with tail, bridal cape, bridal appliquéing ideas, bridal veils (cathedral and short veils) and fabric selection process. The price is 100k Naira.