Charlotte Renae

Hello & Welcome 🙏🏾
My Name is Charlotte but everyone calls
me Char. I’m 32 years old and I reside here in San Diego,CA. I am a mother of one, an amazing son named Jaiden. I am a full time worker, full time mom and a around the clock.

🌱let’s tap into GROWTH.
As a woman we go through a lot. We take on everything, from kids to home. to relationships, to family, friends even work. So I’ve always wanted to create that space for women to feel safe, to feel secure , to ask for help to gain knowledge and tips to get them thru whatever it is takes heavy on their heart. Being a woman of divorce, I needed that but had no where to turn. I had friends of course but it wasn’t always the same. I need respect , I needed to be valued and uplifted by a community and I got just that. This is what I stand on this is what I represent. So, I’m always thankful for the knowledge i’ve gained and the women and even some men who have helped me my journey ✌🏾🌱✨🙌🏾💜

I’m planting seeds and being the change . I’ve learned to create my future and take action , and taking all positive energies with me .