Ready to ROCK your social selling game??

Pick the option that best suits your need

Below I have listed three options for you to choose from.

BASIC: All the things you need to get started

ELITE: Everything in the basic package plus support and customization

CREATE YOUR OWN: Only want help with a few things? Pick n choose your own package.


-Milkshake 1 page set up (about/bio/links)
-IG basic tutorial (1hr Zoom)
-Canva set up and basic tutorial
-Generic beauty profile form

Can be broken down into 4 weekly payments.


Basic package included plus the following:

-30 min weekly zoom to create reels for first month
-Pre made Canva templates 3-5
-Custom beauty profile form
-Additional custom forms
-IG business account set up assistance (1hr zoom)
-Additional pages on Milkshake (go to look)
-Managing Milkshake account for first month
-Hashtags custom to your needs (3 bundles)

Can be broken down into 4 weekly payments.


Looking for some help but don’t need the full package?
Or looking for additional assistance after purchasing your package?

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Services & Pricing

Below are all the available services & pricing

Setting up a social selling IG business account can be daunting to do alone.

Have no fear! That’s is what I’m here for. Pick a package or create your own based on the services below:

I can’t wait to work with you and watch you rock the social selling game with confidence!

MILKSHAKE • Set up an account

Having a quick link to send to people you know or having a link in your bio is critical to social selling.

Milkshake allows you to confidently up your social selling game…and the app is FREE!

$45 to set up 1 page with your intro & links

MILKSHAKE • Managing Milkshake account

If you are limited in time, let me make the changes you need or create the new pages you want to add to your account.

Want one of the following?
-about page
-go to look page with photos and links to product
-YouTube subscription page

$20 / new page added
$5 / each single change to a page

* must have an account already. This is to manage an already created Milkshake account.

IG • Basic tutorial

Never had IG before? Or just starting a business account?

I provide a basic 1 hour zoom (can be broken up into 2 30min zoom) tutorial to show you all the basics. This will help you feel confident in getting started

$45 / 1hr session

IG • Set-up Assitance

If you are a hands on person and would like to be walked through or have me make the changes for you then this would be the perfect zoom session for you.

I can set up your bio, links, contact info, automatic responses together.

$45 / 1hr zoom session

CANVA • Set-up & Quick Demo

Canva is a great tool to have in the social selling game. You can create a brand kit as well as maintain a cohesive look on your IG profile.

$20 / 30 min session

CANVA • Assistance with Templates

Want a cohesive look on your business account but not sure where to start?

Canva is a great tool! I can create templates for you to use.

$45 / 30 min consultation with a few templates
$15 / template after 1st session

GENERIC • Form Fill Document

Would you like to send a form fill document to a new client for one of the following:
-to create a beauty profile
-to send an order form

Let me create a generic form fill for a fast and professional look. All while having the results sent straight to your email.

$45 / Form

CUSTOM • Form Fill Document

Need a form fill document you would like to be created?

Whether it’s to fulfill an order or get to know your clients more, let me help create your vision.

$45 / Form

REEL • Basic Tutorial

Never created a reel? Or just want to add some fun transitions?

This 1 hour zoom will walk you through all the basic features and how to piece your reel together.

$45 / 1hr Zoom
*can be broken into two sessions

REEL • 1 on 1 Walkthrough

Took the basic tutorial and still not getting it?

That’s ok, reels can be a lot to learn. Through Zoom or FaceTime I can walk you through creating your own reel from start to finish!

In no time you will be a pro!

$20 / Reel
*must take 1hr basic tutorial first.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Please reach out with any questions you may have!

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