My Business Catalyst Mechanism

Nurture Your Child’s Natural Strengths, Passions, and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Increase Financial Literacy & Money Management.

Harness Your Child’s Natural Talents & Help Them Solve a Problem & Turn It into a Viable Business

Encourages Problem Solving & Taking On New Challenges.

Helps to Create More Self Confidence, Independence and Resilience.

Teaches Kids & Parents How to Learn From Failures to Create Something BETTER.

Why Choose My Business Catalyst Mechanism?

Besides the cool Certification of Achievement after your child completes it…

It’s EASIER to use!

It goes step by step, walking your child through the process of creating a business plan, in a fun way.

It works FASTER!

My Business Catalyst Mechanism works faster, by focusing on simple tasks, one at a time, that allow your child to get more done, more efficiently, and at a higher quality.

It can help you or your child to create GREATER RESULTS!

When you focus on doing what you love and what you are good at, you stick with it and stay consitisant.

It can lead to more consistent results!

It’s more consistent because you love doing it, and obsess about doing it more, and improve your child’s skills!

It also causes less problems, and teaches problem solving!

Doing something that revolves around your passions and what you are good at, is naturally easier.

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The inspiration that sparked the creation of My Business Catalyst Mechanism

Hi, my name is Chelsea! I’m the creator of My Business Catalyst Mechanism.

I’m a wife and mom of two girls, an artist, and a creator & shop owner on Etsy. I have a bachelor’s of science in Marine Science. I’ve also taught a virtual live art class with my girls for fun.

About 3 years ago, I worked in the corporate world for over 10 years.

My heart wasn’t in it and due to a toxic work environment, I had to leave my job in 2019.

Being at home with my girls’ milestones was important to me. When I worked full time 9 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, I missed a lot when my oldest was little.

I knew I had to find a way to earn money online and create time freedom and financial freedom.

After many failed attempts at online ventures, 3 years of trial and errors, I did it! I finally found some techniques, methods, systems, that actually worked!

Creating was something I loved doing and actually wanted to work on all of the time.
All of my time and energy started to pay off and reap in monetary rewards!

The key factor was finding something that aligned with my passions, and what I was good at.

It allowed me to improve my natural skills that I was passionate about, and enhance my skills.

That’s what I’ve always wanted! I also always wanted to teach my children to find something they love, and to make a living out of it.

My passion, love, and skill has always been with creating and artistic things. This is the magic ingredient to creating a business that can be successful! Following your natural abilities, improve them, and create a business around those.

A happy balance between doing what you love, and helping someone else with your skill.

Create something someone loves or needs.

Now fast forward to why I created My Business Catalyst Mechanism…

My oldest has always been advanced at her age. It was my goal to keep her engaged and interested in learning new things, while practicing what she’s learned.

She came to me one day and requested that I helped her open her own Etsy Shop, to sell things she makes.

My heart leapt!

After finding success with my own online business, I knew I was on to something!

Hearing my daughters request motivated me to create a fun, and easy step by step work packet. It guided her how to create her own successful Etsy shop. It went over research and focused on the important information needed for a shop.

She easily followed it mostly independently, researching, brainstorming, and writing out her ideas for her shop.

Once she filled out the sheets, I used her information she filled out on the worksheets to create a real shop by her design.

She used an app to create her own logo, and color branding, and name all on her own! I was so proud.

Within the 1st month, she made 10 sales and got her first 5 star review!

I absolutely loved seeing how excited she got and how eager she was to send out her orders! She couldn’t wait to create and bring more products to her customers. I knew I had to do this for more kids and parents.

That joy and excitement she has everytime she gets an order, brings so much joy and light to me and my husband’s hearts.

It ignites inspiration and motivation in me and my husband’s business. Her success and positive energy, helps us to level up with a newly invigorated drive!

Learning how to create successful online businesses as a family, brings us all closer together.

It’s getting contagious. So much so, that our 4 year old, also wants her own Etsy shop to follow in her big sister's footsteps.

It truly is amazing to watch how contagious their excitement is, and how supportive of each other everyone is.

Give it a chance to be the catalyst for kids and family business potential.