I share my journey on how naturally based products have been transforming my life; products that SHOW results, free business education, to life long experiences with a business savvy community

Hey! I’m Valentina; a 23 year old college student that’s always looking for more experiences! I’ve been advising naturally-based hair care products since March 2019, and skin care products since October of that same year. I’m here to prescribe you the ultimate hair care or skin care system for your needs, all while making sure you’re getting the most out of your money!

This company was first presented to me as a way to have an insane amount of hair growth, while having the opportunity to make this into your own business to earn some side money. I was definitely at a struggling point in life and I saw a huge opportunity by joining this company, and now that I have, I wouldn’t trade in the experience for anything else. The people who you work with are all positive yet motivating individuals that are all willing to help each other grow their business and succeed!

You have the choice to be a regular retail customer, VIP-customer, or a Market Partner and work with me!

VIP-customers: have the luxury of having only one fee of $19.99 in order to activate free shipping, 15% off on all products forever, refer a friend referral program, flex ship order, special flashsales, birthday specials, and free only for you full-size products per flex ship order.

Market Partners: are able to earn major compensation plans such as getting paid every Friday, bonuses, 30% off products, special promotions, the opportunity to join the motor club, ALWAYS ROOM TO GROW IN THIS COMPANY, access to an online back office, free training on subjects like; marketing/networking, personal development, communication skills, and meetings that hold team bonding opportunities, power hours, and live guest speakers!

I’ll help you with any questions you may have; whether it’s about the products, pricing, or becoming a market partner!