Business + Mental Health Coach 💕🧘🏽‍♀️

A Business Mentorship to help business owners start and boost up there business. Bringing out your inner light ✨to shine on yourself and your business

Who is Crown Vick ? 🤸🏽‍♀️✨

Why fit into a Box when the world is your playground !

Hey Queens, My name is Victoria Elliott ! I’m a Black Indigenous Creole Woman, CEO, Future American Sign Language
Interpreter, Alumna at the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University with a BA in Psychology, Beginner Comedian, Parent and Children’s Counselor and Business Coach. How did I come up with Crown Vick Beauty? I am in love with anything and everything beauty, self-love and fashion related ! When I was a teenager I always had on unique jewelry, purses and hair accessories that wove through numerous  aesthetics. I had flower hair clips in every color, fishnets under ripped jeans and crochet clothing. I was and still a walking representation of CVB slogan “Fashion is a Mood”.

Tapping into and reminiscing about my childhood love for authentic and unique fashion lead me into creating Crown Vick Beauty. Where every Queen can shop with a brand that shares there love for different categories of fashion. Where you can shop to show multiple expressions of a single soul, your soul ✨. Because we are not a single aesthetic, We all have multiple ways to express ourselves but we do it through fashion here at Crown Vick Beauty.

Down my path of entrepreneurship and self discovery, lead me into becoming a Business Coach. While speaking life into my TikTok supporters on LIVE , lead them into asking me to coach them for there business. This job title fell into my lap and I cant be any happier. Sometimes the creator has plans for you that you could never imagine.

I specialize in uplifting women in numerous categories such as body positivity, self worth and over all confidence which pours all over there business in such prosperous ways. When starting a business your life changes dramatically and a lot of people don’t tell you that. That’s where I come in to help you through both avenues spontaneously. Let’s bring your business into the light without dimming your own! Becoming a CEO is not an easy task but having a Business + Mental Health Coach can ease that load. Together me and you can come up with coping mechanism to balance work life, small business life, self care and social life.

Accessories Make the Outfit, Not the other way around !

Whats a fit without a bomb hand bag and flashy jewelry ? ….🤔

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