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body language is a language. if to walk and move linearly is to speak the language, to practice yoga must certainly be poetry.

yoga for me is a creative expression and extension of myself, raw and vulnerable, given intensity by distinctive style, sound, rhythm and meaning.

i’ve come to learn that our human mind wishes to dance.. to be seen and heard. but, our spirit craves to be danced. to be deeply listened to, held, observed carefully and expressed. we each carry an essence with us that can be potent and powerful when connected with and harnessed, or it can be diluted and become adulterated as we spread ourselves thin between all the faces we wear in order to fill our roles.

for me, yoga is a de-masking, a coming back to self.

once a dedicated student in a class format, i now have a disciplined self practice across multiple movement and spirituality practices and i aim to inspire my students to feel empowered to do the same.

what you can expect from my classes are physical challenge, anatomically intelligent sequencing, warmth and friendliness and always humour.

originally completing my 200hr ryt with power living australia under the guidance of duncan peak, emee dillon, keenan crisp, adam whiting in 2015, i’ve since acquired a further 240 registered hours of training in power vinyasa, advanced vinyasa, laughing lotus, yin, kx pilates, functional yoga anatomy and the psychology of yoga.

however, i’ve taken the most value and influence from the unregistered hours of training under incredible individuals with their unique styles, including but not limited to; shaney aalbers, wendy wesson, les leventhal, adam whiting, keenan crisp, nadine mcniel, patrick beach and carling harps."


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