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Hey yall this is my website for the fonts I use , coloring tutorials and more <3
but first scroll down and read !

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colouring creds : please give credits ! i’ve worked quite hard to make this coloring
that I made.
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it has come to my attention that many ppl are doing / spamming self-promos on my page. the thing is, i do not allow self-promos. not anymore. if u cmmt sp on my vids, i will delete ur comment ( s ). if u spam sp ( replying to every single cmmt for actives or sps / commenting it on every single of my videos ) i will immediately block. please do not take this as a wrong way. this is my decision to allow sps or not. thank u.

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please stop asking if u could take my user. i am not changing it unless i said i am.


Here is my fonts about my theme-

All season
All season ornaments
Autumn dingbats
Hawaiian icons
Hello brownie
kb cloudy day
Kg happy
Kg a little swag
Lalinea sea
Sea life
Summer coast
Summer coast extras
Summer lovers
Summer icons

Coloring tut !

Here is my coloring tut ! Creds on bio or u will be blocked <3

24fps filter Lush to 100
Then go to
Ultralight and put:
Charity -6
Sharpeness -10
Noise -10
Go to prequel now :
Exposure -10
Highlights 60
Shadows -100
Skin tone -25
Blur optional
Sparkles filter
Colorutune :
Filter marble to 40


Some random caption

—🍥 ⊹˚˖⁺ ⤖ ⌗ - 𝗂𝖻: ⤖

— 🎬 ⊹˚˖⁺ ⤖ ⌗ - 𝗂𝖻: ⤖

🌷·˚ ༘ caption here┊ 𝖨𝖡 ::┊#

🐰 ·˚ ༘ caption here┊ 𝖨𝖡 ::┊#

Some bios<3

Some random bios

𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐢 fanpage ! ⚓︎
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