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Hello beauties,
I’d first like to give thanks to the Lord for bringing us both here today ❤️


I am Alexa De Leon, 26 years old living in Austin Texas. I’ve always been a girly girl, always photogenic & ready for the camera!

I started to really grow a passion for beauty & self taught myself makeup back in 2014. I’d watch the girls on YouTube & share my makeup tips on Snapchat stories! I decided in 2018 to leave my home town Donna in the Rio Grande Valley, and relocate to Austin! I attended Aveda Arts & Science Institute to further my career in makeup as a Licensed Esthetician. I was able to learn more about skin care, facials, & massaging techniques to work in a spa like environment.

In 2021 I took a giant step in partnering with Monat! Modern Nature! The premium healthy aging, global & growing, beauty brand & company. Driven by a entrepreneurial spirit of like minded businesses owners I was introduced to this opportunity! (See NEXT page for my Hair transformation!!)
I am creating my own schedule, learning new things everyday, & helping others with their hair & skin concerns while growing a sustainable business.

I am currently looking to create a community of individuals who also want to develop themselves & others through a faith, personal, & financial mindset journey.

I want to invite you to a community to share it with, learn along side with, & encourage when the tough day are to tough! Build meaningful connections with other like never before, push out of your comfort zone & unlock a version of yourself YOU LOVE! 💖

Gratitude is not only what I practice everyday but a big reason why Monat is the business I choose to say YES to! Gratitude is not only what we do, BUT who we are!

We Build Beautiful Lives.
We are successful when we help others succeed.
We are happy when we make others happy. We live and help others live with health, purpose, and joy. ☺️💕

Leveling up your Mental Toughness BOOTCAMP

Every Wednesday I’ll be posting a new BLOG

Weekly Blog: Nov 30, 2022
Issue 1 Exercises 1-3


Mental toughness is defined as what determines how you respond to the pressures and challenges of life, defining the capacity to deal with stressors, and to perform to the best of your abilities— Sometimes put along side the words resilience, determination and grit! When building your mental toughness prepare to take you on a few exercises exploring different concepts in order to build a solid foundation of inner strength. Together we will uncover the power of habits and goals in advancing to a higher level. I personally have walked myself through these process and now I able to share my findings and help you build your MENTAL TOUGHNESS!

Exercise 1 : Align your goals and values
You want to focus your goals according to you internal compass. Aligning your goals and values will help clarify your life’s purpose. Having you values as intangible aspects of life that are most meaningful to you. Goal are the stepping stones that move you toward your values. Becoming a mental tough person involves persistence and passion, key is to pick your goals according to your internal compass(Core Values)

LEVEL UP - Determine a few smaller/short term goals and one or two bigger/long term goals that are fueled by each value. (these can be goals you’ve had for a while or goals that are just coming to life right now! Commit to these value-based goals and write them out, keep them somewhere you can see them— make choices that align with them!

Exercise 2 : Create a vision board
How can you achieve your biggest dream when you're not clear on what they are? All successful companies have a clear vision; is what they hope to most achieve and at large drives the purpose of what you're doing everyday to the direction that inspires and motivates you to show up for your goals. A large picture for your life can bring clarity and help guide you to make the best choices that are aligned with your higher self. Having a Vision board not only will breathe life into your goals; but make it that much easier to get back up after a disappointment or setback we don’t plan for BUT are mentally ready to face!
For inspirations - here’s a few questions to figure out your ideal life picture…
What matter to your in life?
What do you want to contribute to the world?
What does your dream career look like?
What kind of people do you want to be surrounded by?
How do you want people to remember you?

LEVEL UP - create a traditional vision board using photos, magazines or a cork or poster board, or create one through you phone. This project can be a fun and creative source of motivation and goal setting! Focus on the bigger picture for your long term, significant goals that resonate with your values and get you energized and excited. Simplicity goes a long way from here. you don’t want to over crowd your board and lose focus of the big picture. Look for visuals that represent your goals for the future and place them on your board.

Exercise 3 : beat procrastination in five minutes
1. Pick a substantial goal that you might have trouble starting
2. Set a timer for five minutes, planning or physically taking action will contribute to the end goal
3. The timer might have gone off bye now, YOU ACCOMPLISHED your goal and can do this over as many time as you need to get your tasks done!

One thing about being a mentally tough people, don’t sit around and wait for inspiration or the perfect circumstance to get stuff done, look for the experience to expand by using proven strategies and habits to boost your motivation and achieve those goals. You have to make it easy to get started, relieve some of the pressure and decide that it will be a GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT just to start it. Once you begin you’ll feel good about yourself and you just might even have some fun with that task you had be avoiding.

Most importantly you have to have FAITH, faith begins with having confidence in things we hope for, and assurance for things we cannot see. We receive this gift from God and we must believe in something outside of yourself. Have faith that God will follow through with His purpose over your life. “I have come that you might have life and have it to the fullest!” John 10:10 NIV

Think of this weekly blog as a mental BOOTCAMP for making your mind stronger and creating lasting change in your life.


This week will be going over;
Characteristics of mentally tough people
Why is it better to be mentally tough?
We will be doing a assessment on your own MENTAL TOUGHNESS

Leveling up your Mental Toughness BOOTCAMP

Every Wednesday I’ll be posting a new BLOG

Weekly Blog: Dec 14 2022
Issue 2 Exercises 4-6

Setting GOALS & boosting your MOTIVATION

Setting goals & staying motivated are the roots of cultivation characteristics of a mental tough person. Goals & motivation go hand in hand, if you find your self putting off goals lately it just means your goal aren’t motivating YOU. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend on the strategy, you likely to loose momentum. We want to set up actionable goal and stay motivated to complete theses activities to LEVEL UP! Together we will apply simple methods to increase our mental toughness & get essential task done.. once we learn the importance of structure & routine we will be able to keep momentum & motivation high why breaking down goals into smaller milestones.

Exercise 4: Design your environment

We need an environment that contributes to achieving results, especially in the beginning. When you are trying to form a new habit. Are you set up to succeed? Whatever it is that you starving towards, find the path of resistance. Can you make it for the long haul?! Changes to your environment can make it easier to get started when your lacking motivation and help you get thing done with CONSISTENCY! Plan your healthy grocery list before going to store, grab your healthy food for the week to unsure your healthy eating habits, try to stay discipline and only get the things you KNOW are good for you. (NO JUNK SNACKS) Here we are designing our environment to be aligned with the goal of healthy eating by having our options ready and no alternatives to stray the focus!

Create a chart identifying any habits/goals that you’ve trying to develop & achieve. Is your current environment supporting or hindering your success? Consider a the negatively influencing things in your physical space and come up with creative tweaks! Make it incredibly easy for yourself to make decisions that are aligned with your goals on a regular basics!

Example of chart:
go for a jog every morning| place running shoes and gym clothes next to the bed read before bed | keep book visible in spot to grab
Post 3 tiktoks a day |plan & batch content ideas & intention

Exercise: 5: Prioritize Your Day
Along with setting ourselves up and formulating goals, we now can strategically plan how you can tackle them! Structure and effective time management will help you stop putting of task that seems to be on your to do list everyday but wiggles its way onto the next one. Its simple, you’re not making it a priority! So plan your day in accordance with your TOP priorities. Start with your highest value task, no matter how daunting or time consuming you might be thinking it will take, decide what the task is before the day starts..

For the next few days try to help you prioritizing your daily task:
Before you do any work,
1. Review your CURRENT PROJECTS and get CLEAR on what you need to accomplish
2. List all the task that need to get done
3. DECIDE on your top 3 priorities for the day
4. Whats TRULY URGENT and needs to be done right away? “If I could only do one thing on the list today what would it be? that your 1st priority
5. REPEAT step 4 until you prioritized your top 3 tasks of the day

Once you’ve accomplished your top 3 most important task, you can start tackling any of the other stuff from you list!

Exercise 6: Bundle Your Temptations
Of course mental tough people are not superhuman with levels of willpower, they sometimes struggle to stick to their goals. The tougher you are the more consistently motived you’ll be.. because of forces inside of you — Until you get to the place where you view overcoming a challenge or setback as the reward itself, you can use proven hacks to keep momentum going! A technique known as Temptation Bundling or also Reward Substitution has you tie two activities together one that you should be doing and one that you enjoy doing; this will invoke the willpower to get the work done. Basically you use something instantly gratifying to encourage you to do a task that’s less gratifying now. This is why its so much easier to eat a bag of chips while watching a favorite show than it its to go work out. This will pay off in the future because you don’t have to wait for the reward: You get it while you work!
Having a coffee (reward) while catching up on work emails (task)
Eating your favorite snack (reward) while scheduling social media post (task)
Getting a pedicure (reward) while planning you weekly schedule(task)

The key is to not allow yourself to access the reward unless your working on the task, one doesn’t happen without the other! It can be effective to use multiple bundles throughout the day and even make a habit out of using this new technique.
1. Create a 2 list of your own task and rewards & bundle them up
2. Test them out to see which work best when paired together. Effective Y/N
3. Implement them in you everyday routine

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