Getting to know me

My name is Allie Cheyene Nielsen. This is my very first exposure to the world of photography, this was a different kind of calling to me. Allie Nielsen Photography was established in 2018 and though the first photos to be taken were just of animals, friends and family. I have always been interested in what lies behind a shoot and what people will feel when they see a photo. Schedule a consultation and learn more about what they do today.
I'm a young and willing to try new things photographer. The love of photography in all forms is the driving force behind Pontotoc, MS. With an energetic personality and a skill for capturing gorgeous, intriguing images, this incredible Photographer strives to create a story with their work. Whatever the occasion, I’d be more than welcome to catch the magic on film before the moment passes. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

Senior Portraits

Many clients approach Allie Nielsen Photography with requests to capture the special moments of their lives. Especially when you only graduate high school once! I’d love to share your senior memories with you.

Another awesome thing, there is no time limit. Each sessions are different, some are based on personalities or preferences! 

Most asked question?
-how many outfits? I’m not picky if you want to change three times or just wear one thing, that’s totally fine!

-how much time or how long? I don’t like the rush things, we could spend all day or simply 30 minutes!


Shooting Couples is a particular speciality of Allie Nielsen Photography, and a must-have if you’re looking to take full advantage of their photography experience and professionalism. Also i try to aim to capture the atmosphere of each location or the special couple, since great quality photos help make these more memorable. If you’re interested in hiring me for this service, please get in touch today.