Hi, I’m Natalie.

Let’s make your grand entrance into the digital world & stand out amongst the noise while doing so!

I design and implement digital strategies that allow your brand and vision to thrive across congested social media platforms.

The goal is to help you stand out on social media, while providing you with a digital strategy that accelerates your growth, awareness & engagement within your target audience.

My guess is that you’re in the market for someone who dreams bigger, someone who can think up big ideas, write for different audiences, and bring your brand to life - if so, you’ve found your newest business partner here.

Growth & Exposure —

TikTok - this client’s account was brand new starting at zero when I began working on it. 30 days later I produced these results.

Quality Engagement  —

Building a community & creating healthy engagement is crucial to establish a strong platform conducive to continuous growth. Shares and saves are what I shoot for when producing content. More shares & saves = More organic exposure.

Reels & TikTok Strategy  —

Creating viral content that has the ability to duplicated isn’t luck, it’s strategy. These insights are a reflection of my existing client’s Instagram reels performance. All Instagram reels content above was strategized, created, and edited by me.

Hashtags & Your Target Audience  —

Hashtags are a great tool to help your content get in front of the right people. I implement a specific strategy that aims to maximize exposure, while working to appear in front of your target audience. In addition to creating content that gains maximum exposure, high engagement rates (saves,commenting, & shares) will help you build credibility, & establish a community with your following.

Grow your accounts across multiple platforms  —

These accounts results are all from organic growth strategies. While digital ads are something I can do, organic growth across multiple platforms is equally important to ensure you’re attracting the right audience.

Branding Highlights  —

Your brand resembles you & your vision for your business. Optimization of your accounts to reflect your brand is imperative.

Social media platforms are where people hang out and spend more time than ever - and it's where your business needs to be.

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