Studs/Breeding —

How does it Work?

In the Link is a Stud/Breeding Form you will fill out in order to use one of my studs. In the Form you will need to include some info on your mare, what stud, and some additional info you will see. In the pic you see a contract, and that is my breeding contract before you get your foal you will have to read over and sign it too make sure you agree to my terms.

Stud/Breeding Form

Selling Horses/Art —

Little Explanation!

In the photo you will see a contract explaining all the terms, and agreements you will have to sign and agree too in order to buy Horse/Art from me! If you want to see what Horse/Art are for sale go to my For Sale highlight, and look at the Horses/Art. The types of payment I’ll accept are Art, DA Points, and Money, once I get PayPal. My DA is in the link DO NOT send points there though. Once you buy Horse/Art from me I’ll explain everything, and if you have more questions just dm me!

DA Link

My Horses —

All About Them

About my Horses
-I have 6 Stallions, 4 Mares, 3 Colts, and 3 Filly’s
-I only have English, and Western Horses mostly English
-All my horses are very well taken care of
-If there not in the For Sale highlight don’t ask if there for sale

Devian Art —

If you wanna send points or wanna see me!

First of all I DO NOT HAVE A MEMBERSHIP. I do have Devian Art tho. If you’re wondering how I get and send points. I share an account with my friend that we both use. She is the absolute best!! Not gonna say her username just in case you wanna attack her.

My Devian Art account

Customs Requests —

Custom Horses

This is when you’ll describe the horse u want to me and I’ll draw it using my own LA and you will pay me in DA Points it’s too much to write so Dm me if interested in me drawing ur perfect horse! Also I just needed to fill the picture space (that was one of my lazy drawings)