Alicia Guevara

Be Change You Want To See

Hello Future Boss Babes!!

My name is Alicia, Mother to Xzahir, friend and partner to the rest. I am literally a small town woman who has traveled quite a bit, who lived in different parts of the States, and one day woke up and decided enough was enough. I've worked literally just about everything from the medical industry as a Residential Care Facility Adminstrator, CNA, Retail, Phonebanker for a politician and Customer Service/Food Industry. You name it. A woman with what seems like many career/job qualities but no real fulfillment or advancement. Now you may wonder? Well why don't you just go back to school? Well, as a younger woman, I had more patience and because I could never really see myself doing just one thing, I figured, why go back and get involved in something I’m not absolutely 100% at peace with? I personally have quite a bit of friends who have several degrees in areas that at one point made them happy and now don't serve them any purpose. Simply aren't utilizing them because they gained the education in a field that they werent too sure in. No bash at them because to finish school is an absolute blessing, even better if its something you really love. However, that isn't my case.

Before I got into the business I was a lost soul; a woman who knew of her own potential but with not an idea in the world of where to place it. All I knew was that I was anxious for more. I was tired of giving so much of myself in my 9-5 and not receiving anything close to the advancement in which I knew I was capable of. An overacheiver, showing up to work 30min early to prep myself, as well as my team, and no kind of acknowledgment. It wasn't horrible but when I considered the void within myself, the desire to venture out with the intent to fulfill it became imminent. I was craving different crowds, mentally stimulating conversations and the proper support that I lacked in my day-to-day life.
The final straw for me was being in the running for a career position, public service worker within the Government, and it being an extensive hiring period. Getting all the way to a conditional offer and then to have it retracted all because ONE woman FELT that I wasn't fit...and just like that, it was gone. That's literally a harsh reality when you leave your dreams or wants in the hands in other people, you become subject to all their objections.

If you are tired of being tired like I was.
You are looking for stronger connections, stimulating conversations and the same energy given to be reciprocated...let me show you the way! I'm looking to help change lives, one scalp and face at a time. No question is a dumb question. All will be answered.
Align yourself with Men and Women who want to do more, be more and earn more! Stop giving into the 40-40-40!! Making someone else rich by working 40+ hours a week for 40 years and then try to retire on 40% of what you couldn't afford to live off of in the first place! Aka 'A Job'. Let's start this Journey together and begin with these affirmations...
1. Make time for you
2, Speak kindly to yourself
3. Get rid of any guilt
4. Stop saying "yes" to everyone
5. Love the skin you're in
6. Don't be afraid to ask for help
7. Let go of all things we can't control
8. Tell yourself you can
9. Embrace your emotions
10. Surround yourself with people who make yourself better.

Know that you are enough!

Dream with intention and BEGIN with YES!