Hello I am Kaitie Sullivan!

I am a girl that is obsessed with coffee, exploring the outdoors, trying new foods, essential oils, DIYs, and wellness. I also love helping others in any way that I can.

I am originally from Wisconsin, but recently moved to the Detroit area of Michigan. While I love where I live currently Wisconsin will always have my heart.

For 4 years I worked in the medical field as a CNA in a surgical unit. I enjoyed supporting people when they needed it the most. Currently I work as a in home caregiver to an older lady. Most importantly though my husband and I are in a Bible education work. We find joy in helping others to find Bible truths.

Ever since I was little I have struggled with chronic migraines a few times a week and headaches every single day. I also deal with hormone problems, vertigo, digestion issues, and pain from car accidents and knee surgery.

Awhile back I started a wellness journey. I use natural supplements, essential oils, and exercise to support my body. I also use essential oils to support my emotions and hormones as well. Levi and I try to live a plant based lifestyle as much as we can.

Part of my wellness journey right now is to learn as much as I can about Young Living essential oils and supplements. My goal is to help others with the things that I am learning!

Come join me in this journey! 😊