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Here you can find my coloring tutorial, fonts, question ideas, adressing things, my ibfs and ibf application and more!

Addressing stuff

Self promotion:
Sp (selfpromo) is allowed on my page as long as you don’t spam much at the times! If I tell you to stop I have a good reason. If you don’t stop after I’ve asked you nicely I may have to block you. You can always come back after a little bit of time and do self promotion :) I may post a few videos here and there where you can do as much as you want without any limits, so use those chances! :)

Spam liking:
Please DON’T spam like my videos. I really appreciate that you like my videos, just don’t spam me. If you spam me alot I will in worst case block you and ask you to stop.

I will always give credits for what I use from others, if I use a coloring that’s not mine, the credits will always be in my bios, same with tc!! Otherwise, if I make the theme and coloring PLEASE give me credits. I would never gatekeep anything so therefore in my trust with you guys I leaked my coloring and fonts on the next pages, but give credits for theme and coloring to ME! About bios and captions it’s not necessary to give credits, if you would like to, go ahead!

Only accounts:
These are my only active accounts:
- flauracr
- .emilysvibe
- dunkiesis (maybe giving away)
If you see someone pretending to be my backups or someone pretending to me, tell me and don’t believe them! I will tell you guys if anything changes :)


Here is my coloring I use at the moment! Give cc to me!!

- 24fps
- Prequel
- Colourtone

First I’m going to need you to screenshot the qr code on the top. Then I need you to download 24fps if you haven’t already. Then open the app and you have to press the "import" button at the top left. Import your video.

Now press the button where you find your filters. Press the + at the top right, then press "IMPORT POLARR QR FILTER IMAGE". Once you press that choose the picture of the qr code you screenshotted! A filter called "Aurora" will pop up, so press that filter and save the video.

Now go to Prequel and choose your video with the Aurora filter! The instructions is:
- exposure: +12
- contrast: -17
- highlights: +33
- shadows: +28
- haze: +13
- glow: +9
- blur: optional

Now press "Filters” and scroll until you find “Porcelain". Press that and adjust the filter to 32.

Lastly go to Colourtone, import your video. Choose the filter called "SEYCHELLES" and adjust the filter by double tapping. Adjust the filter to 36!
AFTER TEXT put "BIANCA" over with filter at 40!

Now you’re done! <3


Here is my fonts I use for my current theme! Please remember to give tc to me because I spent alot of time making my theme <3

- paris
- lemon milk regular
- kawaii stitch
- vividly regular
- lovtony
- bakso sapi

- garlic salt
- menina graciosa ornaments two
- habede extra doodles
- heart warming
- hipster icons
- butterflies
- can dog
- kgflavorandframesthree
- pretty you (NOT ON DAFONT.COM)


Here are all my active ibfs! The ibfs I don’t talk to is not here :)

- cheriesbae (olivia)
- charznature (sam)
- falahhri (falah)
- meliocokies (elli)
- x_lexiie (lexie)
- lovez.lifestyle (barbara)
- sexycharl (leona)
- .dunraescookie (emma)

My ibf application

Press on the button which will bring you to a quiz, answer the questions if you wanna be my internet best friend! <3