Hello, my name is Ishmel Moore and this is my personal site. I am 27 years old and I currently live in Toronto, Ontario. When is comes to me, HEALTH is WEALTH, and i take it into consideration Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally.

My reasons for teaming up with this company was simple and my interest was taken shortly after hearing that all the ingredients are Vegan-Based products. In the summer of 2018, I was diagnosed with a rare Fungal infection that was life threatening and deteriorated my skin in the areas on my body that were affected. This illness was referred to as Blastomycosis. I have always been confident in myself but after going through something like this, I can honestly say I am now a little uncomfortable showing skin and refrain from doing it if I can. I battled with this for 6 months and long story short i survived and I’m forever grateful to all who were involved in helping me do so. The only thing still lingering from this experience are my scars that I see everyday. I know they’re battle scars but, I thought why not try and see if I can diminish their appearance even more.

Whenever I have the choice to choose between Organic or Chemicals, of course I go with organic but this time I had a third choice to choose from that was a better alternative. Just a little about the company, they manufacture skin and hair products that are safe for all family members, even pets!, free of harmful chemicals, cruelty free and most importantly 100% vegan. I’ve only been using these products for a total of 4 weeks and I can honestly say I wish I heard about them earlier because I had accepted that I would live with these scars forever. Seeing results made me want to become apart of their team and even share my story so I could possibly aid others to shares theirs.

Allow me to assist you in your skin or hair care. I work along side a great supportive community of both Men and Woman whose goal is to help people everywhere by fulfilling lives through exceptional, naturally based products and with a fun rewarding business opportunity. We have a variety of products to choose from once you fill out a quick quiz so I can then suggest which products can best satisfy your needs. Whether you choose to become a customer or a potential member of the team, why not take advantage of these award-winning, non-toxic, clinically tested products that can help you simply live the life you envision.

I hope to invigorate you to try something new!

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